Because Mommy is busy

…I’m picking up the slack at our household. Let me tell you….I don’t know if I can handle this anymore. I am very busy crawling everywhere, standing, trying to climb out of my play area and crib, chasing the dogs and pulling their tails, eating puffs, eating Stage 3 foods, eating….well pretty much anything that my Mommy gives me.

I have a lot to do. I’m cutting my top two teeth. I’m dancing with my maraca as my Daddy plays his guitar. I’m trying to gain weight but I just seem to be getting taller. My Mama needs to head to the mall – these high wadder pants she has me in just aren’t cuttin’ it. She thinks that if she pulls up my socks tall enough – it’ll make up for the 1/2 inch of space that is left between my ankle and my knee.

I’ve been busy at parties, busy playing in the snow, busy crying (ok – not really crying – but I have this awesome whine, high pitched screeching sound, with the super sad frown face – it gets the big people every time), busy trying to sleep through the night (and no matter what the Mommy tells you – I really do try – but sometimes I just want to know what’s going on outside my crib…at 1am, 3am, and 5am in the morning.) I’m busy singing – my favorites are ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and a Mommy original – “Who Dat, Who Dat, Who Dat Baby…”

I’m busy playing with my friend Julie and playing with my cousins twice a week while Mommy goes to the kitchen to bake yummy cake balls.

Did you know she forgot to tell everyone that I turned 8 months on the 19th. I’m practically a grown up! She also failed to share with you big people that today is my Daddy’s bday! He’s really, really, really old. He counts his birthdays in YEARS! He’s 32 years old today.

Really – Mommy is super busy with me, too.

I can be quite the handful. Did she ever tell you that she gets up with me everyday, gets up with me in the middle of the night, sings songs to me, crawls and chases me, makes baby food for me, does my laundry, gives me baths, keeps me entertained (because I get bored very, very, easily)? She tells me she loves me, hugs me tight, and gives me kisses until I laugh SO hard!

So – she’s a busy lady. But don’t give up on her big people. She said she promises to blog more often.

To tied you over…here’s the birthday poem I wrote my Daddy for his bday!

When I was just a baby, you changed my poopy diaper and didn’t make a face.

You pray with me and show me God’s love by your own walk in Grace.

You chase me and let me crawl all over you, no matter how tired you may be.

When you get home from work, you throw me and around and make me say “Whee!”

You feed me dinner – even though some may get in my hair.

When you check on me at night, I know you love me and care.

You read me lots of books and make voices at all the right parts.

Daddy did you know – that you already have my heart?

You let me play with dogs – even though Mommy freaks out.

You let me be baby – never raising your voice or ever shout.

You help with my bath and dress me for bed.

Did you know my favorite part – is when you kiss me on my forehead?

I love being your, Kiddo, you’re the best Daddy ever.

I’ll be your baby girl, now, today and forever.

Happy birthday, Daddy!


Dinner with my favorite people

Charleigh loves me 🙂

My buddies – Thomas and Patrick

Jonah, Ms Mel and me (sorry for the stink face)

Girls just wanna have fun

Dancin’ queen at Gracie’s dress up bday party!


  1. Owen King Coleman says:

    Hang in there Izzy. Mommy is working hard to make sure you have everything you could ever dream of. I love your dancing queen photo.