Bet you’re confused – and you may have more questions but for now – just check this out (man that was a long title)

I made this big deal about you reading a post before I wrote about this post…well…in summary of the post that wasn’t an Elf Yourself Hounsel exclusive…it talked about how three trees had big dreams for themselves. But, as time passed, each tree had different outcomes than what they had originally thought of. As you read the story, they each realize that their dreams were so little compared to what God had in store for them. Sometimes our future and our plans may not be the ones God has for us now but He’ll reveal the great plans He has for you when the time is right.

So…what does this all mean???

Have you noticed anything new on my blog…ok…I guess I’m asking the three people that read this…but anyways…what’s different?

Before you start to stress out – I’ve changed the title. It no longer states “Czarina’s Journey to Dr. Hounsel.”

I haven’t been kicked out of school nor did I fail out but God threw a curve ball at me a couple of months ago. I am a planner and I had this life planned for Craig and I all set – we’d move for clinicals til 2011, I would finish residency, and then I’d come back to Dallas and start practicing medicine. Isn’t it funny – how when we think WE have control over our lives – God reminds us in a BIG way that it’s really HIS plan that we should be praying for and not our own.

God’s timing is perfect – although I may fight it daily – His will for me is perfect. So – I’ve just been asked – for right now – to go on a different journey and I know that once I am at the point to where He wants me – medical school will pick right up where it needs to be.

I am on a different Journey now – not one I thought I would be on for a long time – but one I have prayed about since I could remember. I am humbled that I’ve been blessed with this responsibility and know that as long as I (I should have been saying ‘we’ for Craig and I”) – we – put God first always – we’ll have all that we need on this exciting journey we’re now on.

Baby Hounsel
Due June 28, 2009


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    Isn’t it so fun! I am so glad we are going to be mommies together. It is funny to have a friends as long as we have and now to be having our babies together. Just crazy. I am soo happy we have bothed been blessed!

  2. That is awesome. I am so happy to see that the Lord Jesus is working mightily in your life. That is a prayer that I personly have for everyone in our family! I am excited for you family and the new addition… we are expecting a younling too (in early August09).

  3. Hip Hip Hooray! The suspense was killing me. 🙂 hehe Jonah can’t wait to meet Baby Hounsel. They will be baby football rivals starting Fall 2009! (and good buddies!)

  4. YAY!!! Baby news is the happiest news! Congratulations and many prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy! I leave Dominica Saturday morning for good! I can’t believe it! Ralna and the kids left this morning. It’s happy, but I miss my Dominican family!

  5. YAY!! Baby news is the happiest news!!! Congratulations and many prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Ryan and I leave Domninica Saturday morning for good! Ralna and the kids left this morning. It’s happy, but I miss my Dominican family!

  6. Congratulations!!! So how far along are you in weeks?

    I am very happy for you and Craig!

    I had no clue Ashley was pregnant too. Tell her I said congrats!

  7. CONGRATS! Babies are the best…until they grow into big kids. j/k!
    How is the whole med school thing going to work out? You’re taking time off from starting your clincials? And then (when?) you’ll start your clinicals, do residency, and then start practicing?? Sorry! I have too many med questions, but that’s cause I’m married to one, so I’m trying to understand what you’re going to do.
    CONGRATS! Can’t wait to see preggo pictures of you.

  8. Justin and April says:

    Congratulations! What exciting news! Enjoy this new journey!

  9. CZARINA!!! Congratulations!!! You will be a super mommy!