Blog or life?

Hmm…this one’s a toughy…

I consider blogging my “escape” and my time to share with the my blog readers about my life. But, lately, life has been really busy. Here’s how busy I’ve been…

– I talked to Stacy yesterday and she asked how things were going on the house. I was talking about how Craig and I were heading to buy furniture on Saturday but that I just sit in my kitchen look around and smile because I LOVE my house. That’s she she said, “WHAT? You moved in???” Yes, blog readers, I have been so busy I failed to tell one of my bestest friends I moved.

– I was rushing out of the house yesterday morning and heading to Bible study. I was at the end of my driveway when I realized my feet felt funny. I looked down and realized I didn’t have on any shoes.

– I still haven’t had a chance to call the Blah Blah Blogger – my bestestest friend Shauna Bean – to tell her I’m having a mini-me! Yes – I’m having a GIRL!

Ok – so I just wanted to give you and update but now I have to rush off and run errands before some guys come to work on the house. But…stay tuned because I”ll be giving a grand tour of Casa de Hounsel, sharing with you about Bible study, and of course, bragging about my sweet little girl and sharing pics of her first photo shoot (aka ultrasounds).

If that’s not enough – wait til I post the video of Craig doing Wii – it looks like he’s hula dancing!