Body Back #4

For her..

For her…

For her…

For Iz…

That’s what I kept on thinking to myself during Thursday’s workout for BB.

It was one of those mornings. I had a big event for my awesome cake ball company – Zen Baking Company – and I was stressed.

And Iz hadn’t been feeling well the past couple of days and woke up around 3:30 AM and wanted to be held.

So, my day on Thursday started super early….at 3:30AM.

Not what I was hoping for but kids don’t understand calendars..

Thank God for the hubs who took a half day from work to help me out that morning.

But it took everything in me to not skip BB. I even wrote out a text for Jodie and was about to send it – it had the whole sob story of having to work late the night before, Iz getting up early, me have a full day of work and then the event that night – and I was about to send it…

Then I deleted it.

packed up my sh!t and headed out the door and was dreading class.

I was emotional, physically and mentally exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do was to work out – never mind the fact we were working out outside – in Texas – in the heat.

But, I put on my fake smile and told myself this hour was for me. Screw it…I wanted to sit around do nothing for myself NOT sweat my a$$ off.

The Jodie busted out the big guns.

She said at the beginning of class, “Today’s class is dedicated to your kids. Because I know as mom’s things we may not do for ourselves, we will do for our kids. So think about that as you work out.”

She probably didn’t see me bite my lip to hold back my tears. Because I was so stressed and anxious at that point because of work, I knew that thinking about doing this for Iz was the only way I would get through the work out. The hard, grueling work out.

But I did.

I ran – I would see Iz’s smiling face.

I did arm work outs – I would see me holding her.

I did lunges – I would see me chasing her and hearing her laugh.

My body that day – was for her. For the memories I have, the memories I’ll make, and the moments that play like a movie in my mind.

Me – getting stronger for her – because today it wasn’t for me – I needed to give this workout to something – someone – I loved more than me – and today – it was for Iz.

And I finished the work out. It felt great and I felt better.

For Iz..