Body Back – session #2

BB is not just about the 8 week, 16 work out sessions (from hell…)…but it’s everyday -for the next 8 weeks…and hopefully the rest of my life.

I think it’s about making good choices.

Like – not eating the whole cake ball and only taking a bite.

Or eating one fig newton instead of the whole bag.

And about using my mind.

Like making thoughtful choices when it comes to eating.

Or using my creativity to rationalize that the Lay’s Baked Potato chips have a mother…and not just a mother…but parent’s (see below)…so it’s ok to eat them.

Seriously, though, it’s been a tough couple of days – mentally and physically.

On Wednesday, I decided to do one of the 20 minute videos that are part of the BB session. I popped in the DVD and got ready to “work out.” Ha. Yeah right. Twenty minutes – come on ladies – I wasn’t even going to break a sweat.


I found myself panting and sweat dribbling down my back after about 10 minutes into the thing.

I caught my reflection in the picture on the wall. Here’s what I looked like:
Oops. Guess I was wrong.

After 20 minutes – I decided to take a 1 minute breather and do an ab video. Because, it is my life long dream to have abs like “The Situation” but more feminine.

I was already sore from Tuesday’s 15 minute assessment. So I knew I was in trouble for the actual group workout on Thursday.

I walked into the gym ready for an hour of butt kicking. I have sick dreams of getting my yelled at “Biggest Loser” style. I am kind of a lazy bumpkin, so sometimes I need someone up in my grill yelling at me to keep going.

I was pleasantly surprised at myself. I didn’t need the yelling. There was enough motivation as I saw my reflection and saw the problem spots in my body.

It also helped when I heard Jodie say something to us that stayed with me all through class.

“Think of how long you were in labor? You can do this for the next 30 minutes.”

I was in labor and pushed for over 8 hours.

I could DO this. Sweat, grunt, push myself for 45 minutes.

So I did. I worked my tail off.

I might have teared up at the 2nd to last station but blew it off as sweat dripping in my eyes.

I was in pain but knew I could push past it.

And I did.

And today. I’m paying for it.

I hurt everywhere.

I went to work out this morning at SS and I thought my legs and arms were jello. But I finished the work out…even if I skipped the abs and just chatted.

I’m not gonna lie. I have a tendency to go full steam ahead when I start something new. I am doing it now with BB – eating well, working out to my limit. So I’m really worried I may taper off and slack the further along we get.

My body changed dramatically over the the 40 weeks I carried Iz. I have to keep that thought in my head as I work to get my Body Back…and hopefully see dramatic results in the next 8 weeks ahead.

God speed.


  1. Way to Go czarina ! You're doing awesome & you're also motivating other moms to get the confidence to challenge themselves- YOU ROCK 🙂

  2. I'm sure it was only sweat in your eyes. You're doing great! I'm so excited and proud when I see you working so hard.

  3. Owen King Coleman says:

    Keep it up Czarina. I wish I had just a quarter of the dedication you have. Could you send me some motiviatio spirit sprinkles. 🙂
    Love you!