Can you believe it?

Tomorrow – is the middle of January!
Where did the month go?

You (a.k.a my faithful blog reader – notice “reader” is not plural *sigh* I try so hard to bring readers to my blog – maybe I’ll have a raffle drawing or a cake walk to bring readers to me – anyhoo) are probably thinking:

“Czarina – what have you been doing this month of January???”

Well – “Thank you blog reader for asking!”

Here’s what January and I have been doing:
December 29th (not January but close enough) – took a walk down Memory Lane, meandered down Current Ct, and dawdled on Future Street with my high school friends. We laughed about the past, shared moments of our present, and discussed our futures – what a great time with great friends.

Monica, Addison, Julie, Brad
Isaac, Ashley, Cassidy, Andrea
Great times, Great friends

January 1 (12:02 a.m.) – Woke up from a food coma in our King Size bed at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. Hours earlier (on the eve of the New Year) – Craig and I ate at Bob’s and spent a romantic evening at the Adolphus Hotel. Craig proposed to me at the Adolphus, we spent our honeymoon night at that hotel, so we thought what a better way to spend the beginning of a New Year at the Adolphus – our “last night” as just a duo – since our little one will be with us in a few months.

January 2 – I got my heart broken. Pure anguish. I can’t believe all the times I have supported you, loved you, cheered you on…you turn around and treat me like this??? Dang it Texas Tech Red Raider football team! How could you tease me with an 11-1 season, bring me to the Cotton Bowl decked out in my “Future Red Raider on Board” maternity shirt, and LOSE! Not just lose – but get your guns handed to you by Ole Miss. But, I am all about forgiveness – so I forgive you for embarrassing me. Just make sure you get a BCS bowl next year.
Jan 3 – Dinner with Ashley and Clay – Craig and Clay are devil worshippers – oops – I mean they listen and go to heavy metal concerts together. So its great that my husband has a good friend with one of my oldest and dearest friend. Our conversation consisted of: baby names, Dubai, guns, Wii, a reference to 90210, becoming parents at the same time…we covered a lot in 2 hours.

Craig and I bought furniture for a house that’s not yet ours. We’re taking the Kevin Costner approach to this house buying thing “If you build it – he will come.” So – we bought the built house and hope that he (aka our lender that moves like molasses) will come through with the paperwork so we can close.

Here’s a pic of the house that we hope to live in soon

*Not actual size*

I had a hot date with Shauna last Saturday…I’ll give you a recap of our night out later in my next post – so stay tuned (and if that’s not enough to bring you back I’m going to do a movie review of the movie we saw – and I know my opinion matters greatly to you!)

Love you Blog Reader! I’ll be back soon!


  1. So fun! I love the group picture! Everyone looks so good!

    I’m so happy for y’all that you are going to buy a house. It’s so pretty! Where are y’all buying?

  2. Ashley Coleman says:

    You know I love my 90210:)

  3. Cody and Adeline says:

    I think you forgot to mention that you had lunch on Tuesday at a cool little French Bakery with your favorite Belgian friend(Ha! Easy, you only have one!) and a very handsome little boy named Luke!