Day 3 – Oberammagau

I guess this is the day that our real “family” vacation started. We met up with my parents, my sister Candice and her family (John Mark – my BIL, Garrett – my nephew, and Maddie – my niece), and my other sister Chonnie with her husband, Russ, and daughter Sofia.

We hung out at the hotel in Munich until our motorcoach drove up to pick up the 11 of us. Um…I know now where I get the over-the-top nature for events – my Dad. My Dad arranged our private transfer from Munich to Obermmagau and we thought it would be a van for us. Well…he got a tour bus complete with bathroom for the 1 ½ hour bus ride.

I felt like P. Diddy.

We drove through mountains, up mountains, by cows, by goats and finally arrived to the little village of Graswang (5 minutes outside of Obermmagau) to our bed and breakfast. Jutta, the inn owner, in her flower apron and she opened her arms and her home to us. She was fantastic. She got us settled, fed us lunch, and told us to explore her town. Which consisted of 2 inns and a church. So, since we were staying in one of the inns – we were already 1/3 of the way done with our sightseeing of Graswang.

All 11 of us walked the main drag – to the church and to the other inn. I think we walked 50 yards…total. We decided to rest an hour or so and then head to a castle that was nearby.

Only in Europe can you say, “Hey – do you want to head over to the castle down the street and then grab some gelato?” Awesome.

We visited a beautiful castle nestled away in the mountains of the Bavarian Alps. It wasn’t THE castle – the one Disney World is modeled after – but it belonged to the same King.

I’ve decided in my next life that I want to be a Bavarian King and live in castles.

After exploring the grounds, we headed back to our little village for dinner and retreated for the evening. *see you say things like “retreat for the evening” when you are as refined as me. I say I’m refined because I visited a castle*