Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know I’m all grown up but my heart still does believe.

I still love stockings, the mistletoe, nutcrackers…and the beautiful decorated tree.


But, now that I’m older, my wish list is different than it was when I was a little girl.

You see, Dear Santa, now my only wishes rest in the heart of special little boy…who is now our whole world.


He was born with a heart that is more special than most…broken...some may say.

He has endured more than most should from his very first day…


He’s known the touch of a knife cutting into his chest, the wires to sew together his heart…

Oh, Dear Santa…he’s gone through so much…for my wish list…where should I start?


I wish for a cure for the silent disease that not everyone hears about.

It’s not rare, it affects everyone…please listen to me…my heart cries out.


I wish for a winter with a chill in the air but please keep my boy from falling ill.

I wish for nights I watch him asleep – the world calm and still.


I wish for fights with his sister as they fight over all their toys.

I wish for skinned up knees, dirt tracked in the house, lizards….all things boy.


I wish for first days of school, baseball and football games…and playing catch in the yard.

I wish that he overcomes every obstacle he’ll have to endure…oh Santa…his life is so hard.


I wish for a bank account empty because my grocery bill is through the roof.

Because that means my boy is now a teenager….and our prayers are living proof….


I wish for heart wrenching crushes, sloppy first kisses, and a lifetime of a one true love.

I wish for the woman that will love him almost as much as I do…can you hear me Angels, above?


I wish for the laughter of his grandchildren to fill my home…for him to know the absolute truth…

That a whole lotta prayer, a whole lotta hoping…will be just what sees you through.


That no matter the odds, no matter the statistics, he’ll battle against each one.

That even though he fights for his life….that his story has just now begun.


Through the ache of each surgery, the fear of the unknown, the suffocating doubts of your fears.

I wish that someday all this heartache…all the pain he knows now…will be washed away with joyful tears.


I wish for more days at home with my family, in the walls of the place that is safe.

I know I can’t wish for him to not have a broken heart…because so much of who he is will be erased.


Dear Santa, my boy, he’s as strong as they come…even though I hate he has to be.

I’ll ask for these things, pray for these I do every night on bended knee.


As the season is merry, and holly and jolly, and always Merry and Bright…

I wish more thing…maybe the most important thing…..please let us continue his fight.



A Heart Mom


I wish to have memories like this….for a lifetime.



  1. Beautiful…. :’-) May all your wishes come true!!!