Don’t believe the lies

Sometimes I don’t get it.
I listen to people that don’t even know me. I take into heart their every word and allow those words to pierce my being.

Well NO.MORE!!

Who are these people that I let infiltrate my soul?


I should have learned my lesson when “Pineapple Express” received good reviews. Touting the film was funny, an expression of today’s “pot generation”, and the huge “pot-ularity” it was having with “our”generation.
Worst 2 hours of my life.
If I could take back 2 hours of my life – any two hours – it wouldn’t be the time Shauna and I spent in one of cars drinking wine and going to a Goth club, it wouldn’t be the time I tried to do a toe touch in my glasses and 150 lb body (mind you – I was only 5 ft tall) for cheerleader try outs in the 7th grade, it wouldn’t be the time I sported coulats, nor would it be the time I thought it would be a great idea to enter the Daisy Duke contest at Venice Beach Teen Dance club…NOPE!

It would be watching “Pineapple Express.”

So – why the sudden vent episode towards movie critics? So called – experts – gave one the funniest movies of the YEAR (ok – so the year is only 16 days old) a D-!

“Bride Wars” was everything a chick-flick should be.

Girl moments bombard this flick…as they should.
– Ridiculous girl behavior – CHECK!
– Hot fashion -CHECK!
– Hot guys – CHECK!
– Wedding cliches (and if you’ve ever planned a wedding – please don’t deny you had some Bridezilla in you…cuz ladies…we all did) – CHECK!
– Strong women characters – CHECK!
– Laugh out loud moments where you hit your friend on the arm and say “Oh my gosh – I’ve totally done that!” – CHECK!
– Great, sappy, unbelievable ending (like you don’t believe it would ever happen) – CHECK!

To a true chick-flicker – such as myself – movies have to lots of laughter, romance, friendship, maybe a tear jerker scene or two, and most importantly – scenes where you RELATE to the character.
When I went with Shauna to see this, my BFF for many moons, I knew it was a great movie when we looked at each other at the end and said “We should start over our life. We should have weddings on the same day, have kids at the same time…everything!”
Granted – sarcasm laced our words – but hey – we still had our BFF moment.

And that’s why – I give “Bride Wars” a B+!!

****On another note****
Shauna and I saw the movie at Studio Movie Grill in Lewisville. I walked in and she was already in line. She was sipping on a glass of white wine, handed me the menu and said “If we’re really best friends, you’ll know what I want to eat.”

I looked at the menu and within a second I looked up at her and said “Oh easy. We’ll share the 5 sampler appetizer platter.”

Great success! So we got it – not the 3 or the 4 but the 5 choice appetizer sampler platter…with a basket of sweet potato fries on the side…and a diet Dr. Pepper (j/k – she ordered a regular Dr. P when we realized the gluttony we were about the partake in).

this is what happens when the flash is too bright
this is your camera on drugs
The reason my baby is so happy 🙂


  1. Justin and April says:

    Staying home is really hard! Crazy hard! But it’s a privilege to be able to do it. I don’t miss a thing with Haisley and really feel like I get to enjoy her. The older she gets, the easier it gets. The first couple of months were exhausting! So hang in there at the beginning. It does get easier. You see what I mean but it’s hard to explain until you live it 🙂

  2. That food made my baby happy too.

  3. AAAHH!! I saw Bride Wars, too, and I loved it! Garrett actually watched it with me because it was the last movie in a 3-movie extravaganza that we had at the theater (yes, we are thieves. garrett even laughed. i do nt think he will be recommending that his friends go see it, but he enjoyed himself… :o)