Easter 2010

Iz celebrated her first Easter!

Now that I have a child, I am utterly and completely humbled by what God did for us. He gave His only Son, HIS child, to us to die for our sins. I am not worthy, I am fallible – but because Jesus came to this Earth, lived a perfect life, died for my sins (every.single.one) – I am given an amazing Grace.


So, I shared the story of the Resurrection with my little Bug. She looked at me with wide eyes and didn’t say a word. Finally – she opened up her mouth and said “Mama.” Ok – not quite the profound conversation about Easter I was hoping for but I’m pretty sure she just let it all sink in.

We had a great weekend with family. And on Sunday, Craig, Iz and I went to church, had Easter lunch, and let Iz rest at home the rest of the day (she’s still getting over a nasty ear infection and cough/cold…yuck).

What a great weekend!