Happy Father’s Day!

He walks into a house that has dirty dishes in the sink. The dogs are barking – begging to be let out.

He passes – yet another – pile of dirty laundry in the utility room and – yet another – pile of clean clothes in hampers, on sofas, on beds.

He trips over a Princess book on his way in – or a pair of shoes I left out – his pet peeve.  But doesn’t say a harsh word.

He sets down the pile of hospital bills that have appeared in the mail – again.

He doesn’t asks what’s for dinner….no matter what it is…even if there’s noxious, black smoke coming from the stove, he’ll always say, “Something smells good.”

He greets me hello and kisses me on the lips – like a habit that’s worth keeping – holding me tight for a fraction of a second – before his best helper comes barreling in yelling,”Daddy!  You’re home!”

He scoops up his little girl – if she’ll let him – and asks about her day.  He listens intently as she tells story, after story about who took who’s toy at daycare, who got put in time out, the “birthday cake” she made on the playground out of wood chips, how she did her ballerina dance, how she hopped in gymnastics, about the snakes on the walls, about the Princess and Frog…the overabundance of imagination and innocence spilling out of her mouth.

He walks over to his miracle – his hefty 16 lb baby boy – 4 months old and already starting to become a miniature version of Daddy himself.  He picks up his little “Chumbawumba” – as he affectionately calls him – tells him how big he’s gotten.  And on cue, the little butterball squeals and coos because Daddy is home…the big guy who holds him all the time, lets him watch sports with him, tells him about baseball, Euro soccer, gives him baths and tells him, “You’re gonna be just fine, little dude.  We just gotta get you fixed right up and you’ll be good to go.”


Craig wasn’t sure what kind of father he’d be when we talked about having children in the early years of our marriage. Growing up in a home with an brother 7 years older and no cousins – he wasn’t used to siblings, big families….much less….babies. I honestly was nervous for him.  I didn’t know how he’d handle fatherhood…I mean…he was used to sleeping 8-9 hours a night…what  shock it would be to have a newborn in the house invading his slumber.

I was worried about the transition he’d have to make – the selflessness that it takes to be a parent.  The sacrifice it requires.

My worries were all for not.

Craig was born to be a dad.  We often have conversations about what our “purpose” in life should be.  I know now – without a shadow of a doubt – it was meant to not just be a mother – but to be a mother to my special needs baby. It’s the most exhausting, most terrifying, most rewarding, most humbling job out there.

Like a lot people – he doesn’t feel like he’s found “it.”  The thing that makes him tick.  We are surrounded by friends who’s husbands make hundreds of thousands of dollars, go home to houses that are twice or three times the size our home, drive nicer cars, go on vacation – often – and stay in the nicest place.  I bet it’s hard on him…trying to keep up with the “Mr. Jones’s” of our little circle.

I listen to him and wish I could get him to see what I see.

A man who constantly puts his family first.  Who works hard to provide for us.  Who leaves at the crack of dawn to beat the commute just so he can be home early to spend time with his kids.

A man who has learned to laugh at the all the crazy that is me.

A man who’s seamless transition from bachelor, to husband, to father is one to be emulated.

A man who allows his heart to overflow and lets tears fall over his love for his children.

A man who’s heart found space for another “little” woman in his life.

A man who’s heart was wounded and broken when he found out the son he’d always wanted would be faced with challenges that would test the strongest of faiths.

A man who grew up not knowing God to a man who now strives to be a reflection of the Father himself.

To say I’m blessed to have him as a husband and a father to our children is an understatement.

We love you!



  1. Amazingly written. What a beautiful heartfelt sentiment for your sweet hubs!

    ((heart hugs!))