First installment of "Reviews you can count on…"

Abbreviated – RYCCO!

I promise to give you honest, straight forward, enjoyable reviews for books, restaurants, movies, product…and WHY…you’re asking yourself…would you care if I like/dislike something?

I’m just like you. I’m an almost 30 something (29 y.o. for at least a couple more years), woman who has traveled, lived in different cities, states, even countries, I’ve worked, gone to school, lived on a budget, and now I’m getting ready to be a S.A.H.M….so….I’ve been around the block (now, now…let’s keep this G-rated) a few times.

So – today’s RYCCO is a book review!

Now – this book was loaned to me by a dear friend. She’s the fiance of a good friend of Craig’s. Andrea attends Fellowship Church and has similar values as I do. I’ve only known her for about a year, but she is great.
She told me about this book and thought I’d love it.

Now…as we continue this journey on RYCCO…you’ll notice I’m a fiction lover…fiction about British women who get themselves in series of hilarious events or books about Vampire Teen – love.

So when she said this is NON-FICTION book – being as sweet as I could be – I graciously took the book and said I’d try it.

Little did I know – I was going to be captivated by page 1.

This is a story of how two men – a former slave from Louisiana and a wealthy art dealer from Texas – how they meet and their worlds collide due to the heart and soul of one woman.

Their story unravels separately and you see into the progression of their lives. You realize how each event in their upbringing form the men they eventually become and you’re shocked at the PURPOSE by which God brought them together.

Now – I’m a Christian and this book is spiritual. But, if you’re not a Christian, be prepared to witness the Glory of God in a way where faith is tested and the outcome does not warm your heart – but rather – you see the power that God has over us all.

It’s incredible. I sat on my bed and read this book with a box of tissues. As I turned each page, tissue after tissue was used. At one point, I put the book down because I couldn’t see past my tears. I laughed out loud. I felt ashamed. I related.


If you’re not convinced enough to run out and buy this book – at least check out the site and let the authors win you over.

Best book I’ve read this year!


  1. I haven’t read this book yet, but several of my friends have recommended it to me. I wish you could have read it sooner because the author had a book signing at UTA a couple of weeks ago. Both men from the book were at the signing. I bet you would have gone…my friends did. Thanks for the review! Can’t wait to get started on it during my upcoming bedrest!

  2. Cody and Adeline says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this blog entry because I have the book (bought it a long time ago) and have yet to start it. Now, I really want to read it.