for Craig

I often forget that Craig is dealing with all of this, too.  He is so optimistic most days that when he has a bad day – I get frustrated – wanting him to be strong for me.  But, he can’t  some days – and it’s then I have to be the strong one for us.  With our family being apart, it’s taken a toll on everyone. So today, I ask that you not only pray for my Evan but pray for the other man in life…

I love you – Craig.  Forever.


He held her as she held their son,

He kissed her forehead – of the woman who was “the one.”


For better or worse, through sickness and in health,

They looked down at their child…wanting to give more of themselves.


A helpless feeling for the leader of their family.

He was supposed to fix it all – after all – he’s Daddy.


But, a heart that is broken, was out of his hands.

He just wanted to give more – give all that he can.


He is supposed to be brave, supposed to be strong.

But he soon realized his son was the one – who’s been brave all along.


He wipes the tears of his wife, holds the hands of child.

Being the brave one – holding his tears back all the while.


He makes promises of “it’ll be fine.

And prays so hard …that his promise is right.


He worries about his son – his health and surgeries.

Late at night – in his solitude – is when he sends pleas….


To his Father above – to heal his son’s heart.

He’s been praying for a miracle – right from the start.


He prays for baseball games and football season – all the fun things.

He prays for tickle fights and chasing – the joy that life brings.


He prays for his son’s future and just wants him to be ok.

All the while being strong for his family day to day.


He worries to provide as the bills pile high.

He worries about the rest of life as he lets his wife cry.


It breaks his heart as he asks his son to fight.

And wishes he could take his place – with all of his might.


But, he knows all he can do is stay strong in his faith.

And continue to pray for healing everyday.


He holds onto promise that the Word must be true.

And turns to his Father…since He’s a Daddy, too.