Friend to foe

An innocent meeting between our sweet little girl
As she entered into Play Land World…

“Oh hello Mr. Frog – how do you do?
Will you be my friend, I’ll be nice to you?”

This is the Itsy Bitsy Spider – my favorite song…
If you’re my friend, we’ll play all day long!

Don’t like that song -well this one’s a must.
It’s about wheels that go round and round on a bus!

You have a secret to tell me, my new friend?
Is it we’ll be BFF til the very end????

Oh you’re a dragon? What does that mean? Do tell…
You can huff and puff – and make my hair melt???

Oh crap you’re a dragon – Mommy help!
Where is that dang lady – do I have to cry and yelp???

Mommy’s too late – I’m too upset – watch the tears flow.
The frog/dragon thing – not my friend…but my foe 🙁


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    I will rescue you Izzy