Guilty. I am guilty of wanting more. So much more. More house, nicer cars, better body, nicer clothes, more vacations, more time, more, more, more.

But it’s weekends like this past one that remind me that my life is so full.

So full.

Full of family that loves me.

Full of friends who support me and one another.

Full of blessings that I often take for granted just because I have them.

Full of moments that make up my life – and a life I am so blessed to be living.

My life that I feel is so ordinary – I am seeing now as an extraordinary everyday that I get to live.

My Story is so different from all of yours – blog readers -but take a step back and reflect on the chapters of your life….and I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how amazing your story has been and all the exciting moments that are yet to unfold.

The weekend was full of an exciting first concert for my niece! Taylor Swift country rocked the American Airlines center. I LOVE her and her music. Yay for girls night with my favorite girls ever – my sisters and my niece!

On our way

Excited driver!

My sister and niece…she’s jumping up and down…

Love her!

My niece’s first “GNO!”

Felt weird buying beer a concert that was mainly 10 year olds…so we bought ice cream instead

I heart you T.S.

Dancing and waving her glow stick. Priceless (and maybe foreshadowing a rave in her future)

The weekend continued to get better and better as Iz had her first trip to Rainforest Cafe with her cousins. She was unsure of the animals but was really excited to sit at the table and eat Puffs.

“Lady – you’re crazy. That animal is moving…” – Iz.

3 kids, 2 babies, 3 adults, 1 waiter…chaos

What up?

And then some of my very best friends threw a bridal shower for my amazing friend Cassidy. Cassidy is the kind of friend that is there. She is ALWAYS there… no matter what. She’s the friend that checks up on you, brings you cupcakes or bundt cakes, texts you to see how you’re doing…the kind of friend any person would be lucky to have. She’s had quite the journey in the dating world and those broken hearts have just been Northern stars leading her to Nathan. A fantastic fiance and lucky bloke who gets to be a part of our girlfriend family!

Beautiful bride to be!

Cake ball favors!

So cute…order today!

Andrea having champagne and a splash of punch…I was laughing so hard when I took this pic. Only we would drink at 2pm…and we drank all through the games and presents. Oops.

Saturday night I went to my first boxing match. I normally would not have gone but Manny Pacquiao was fighting. Pac Man is truly the pride of the Philippines. For a country that is so poor, currently struggling with corruption in the government, wide gap of the rich and poor…Pac has given Filipinos all over the world a reason for us to hold our heads up high and be proud of our heritage. I went with my family and thanks to my very generous Dad – we had fantastic floor seats. We rooted for Pac and had a great time!

The girls

thanks for reading blog friends!


  1. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the sweet comments and for helping throw a wonderful shower for me! I'm so lucky to have SUCH great girlfriends! Love you!