Funny Man!

Craig makes me laugh.


He’s pretty shy when you meet him and he’s not much of a talker – but the things he says sometimes – cracks me up!

Parenthood has provided him with all sorts of new material. He just spouts off one liners that I think are HILARIOUS….

Here’s a few:

  • We’re at church and poor Isabelle has to go poop. And unfortunately – she’s not very lady like yet – and her pooping sessions are loud. Really, really loud. So we’re driving home and I ask Craig what can we do so she’s not so “disruptive” when she uses the bathroom.
Craig’s reply: “Nothing. It’s not like we can put a muffler on her butt.”
  • I am getting ready to feed Isabelle. And I tell Craig I think breast feeding is weird. Really – it kind of is. My boobs are making milk. And my ladies are not as pretty as they used to be.
Craig’s reply: “Carne con leche…milk meat. Meat making milk…”
  • I tell Craig how big Isabelle is getting. I’m getting all teary eyed as I say how tall she is and how fast she’s growing.
Craig’s reply: “You think she’s as big as Mini-me?”

But, no matter how much he makes me laugh – there’s no comparison to how much he makes Isabelle laugh! Check it out!