I was chatting with some girlfriends and I brought up how fortunate I felt that Craig and I don’t have the added worry about a super tight budget when we grocery shop.

Of course we clip coupons, check out specials, and buy generic – but we are incredibly blessed to not have to worry about throwing in Oreos multi-grain snack options.

You need a really tall glass of milk....

We all agreed how blessed we felt.  Then, a friend brought up an incident that happened after she went to church.

They had left a bit early since her kids were beginning to praise God a little too loud (translation:  probably started to talk to loud or started throwing a fit….they learned it from watching Iz).

As they walked out, a lady with her child was waiting in the parking lot asking for money to feed her kid.

She had some cash and after some thought, they turned around and gave the lady some money.

I told her that I probably wouldn’t have done it.

I’m a cynic and think I’m always getting scammed into giving someone a buck that probably can earn it.  Probably because the time someone came up to me begging for food – I decided to give him a bag of my groceries and then he threw it at me and yelled, “I want money!”


But really….I need to start seeing people through the eyes of God – no judgment, just compassion.

And I thought about it and this verse came to mind,

Hebrews 13:2
Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

It’s a powerful verse.

Now, I’m not saying to give away your belongings in hopes of getting on the good side of an angel.  What you do with your money and your things is between you and God.

I often take for granted that everything that I consider mine – really is just a gift from God.  And, what a beautiful thing it is to share those gifts with others who may need it.  And sometimes we forget that it’s not always our money God wants us to share, but our talents, our abilities, all the things He’s blessed us with.  Sometimes paying it forward to someone else – is just another way for us to give a gift to God.

But after our conversation, I told my friends that I am a cynic, that I felt guilty and I wish I didn’t think that the person was going to spend the money on alcohol or drugs.

Then she said something profound.

“My part is to give to someone in need.  If he wants to spend it on beer – then that’s his business.  And who am I to judge…there are some days when I just really need a beer.”

Got that right…