So stinkin’ cute! Happy Halloween!!

Isabelle had a great first Halloween.

We started the weekend off at Stroller Strides on Friday where she got to trick or treat with all of her buddies.

Stroller Strides! Yes…we are wearing mustaches…

Saturday we went trick or treating at Tatay and Nana’s house in the morning and then to her Abuelo and Abuela’s house in the afternoon.

She had a costume change when we got back to our house, then she melted down, took a 3 hour nap and went back to sleep for the night! What a busy day for our little lady giraffe bug!

Nana and our lady bug

Tatay and Iz

Yeah – they have the good stuff…

Abuela is happy to see me 🙂

Yup – I’m even cuter up close

Abuelo is funny!


Got him wrapped around my slobbery little finger…


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    She looks like such a big girl holding her twix candy bar. Love the costumes:)