Happy Birthday to Us!

Today Craig and I celebrate the birthday of our family…
more commonly known as a wedding anniversary.

On this day, 6 years ago – we made a commitment to one another to love, honor and cherish.

I didn’t realize how powerful those words and the vows we said in front of family and friends – how truly powerful – they are.

But, my marriage is also my Achilles heel.

It’s not because my marriage is weak – but because it’s in my marriage that I find my greatness weakness.

And that’s my husband.

He’s the one I love more than life itself, the one that knows me inside and out, the one that I have no secrets from, the one that gives me strength, the one that I yield to, the one I submit to, the one that shows me happiness, and the one that can hurt me the most.

Craig’s the one.

But, it’s in this weakness that I find the bonds of our union to be much stronger than I ever thought possible. It’s in my weakness for him that I find myself amazed at the unbelievable power a marriage has.

We said vows 6 years ago. And from those “I Do’s” started a chain of events that have led to our lives today.

Our life that now includes a legacy in Isabelle. A joining of two souls to create one eternal soul.

That’s power.

Married life has been a comedy – funny moments strung together – that when replayed in my memory – make me smile (inside and out).

Married life has been adventure and hard work – travel, separation (during medical school…man – 2 years apart…), parenthood, trials, that when replayed in my memory – makes me gleam with pride at what we’ve been through.

Married life has been romance – the millions of kisses, the big bear hugs, the youknowwhattimes – when replayed in my memory makes me blush – because after knowing him 15 years – I still get butterflies for the man that’s been by my side for nearly half my life.

To many more years to come…


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! So exciting :o)

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  3. Anna Margaret says:

    Hello and God bless you with His Love –

    I came across your Blog and glad I did!
    Your little girl is so sweet!

    May He give you abundant joy
    and peace as you know Him more and more …
    Blessings –