happy CHRIST-mas!

Twas the day of Christmas, when all through the house.
All the creatures were stirring…maybe even a mouse.

Our stockings weren’t hung, it wasn’t our home.
But, we still anxiously waited for Santa to come.

The gifts were still many…piled under the tree.
I unwrapped our first onesie – for our new baby.

In a home that wasn’t ours, we still had each other.
So humbled and amazed – this time next year – Craig as dad – me as mother.

Our lives are a whirlwind – changing day to day.
Chaos, excitement, unstable…some might even say.

But one thing holds true, our anchor – our MIGHT.
Is the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of our Christ.

Unsteady lives but unshakeable faith.
Make our uncertain futures – in Him – always great.

No matter the cicrumstance – one thing is for sure.
The love of Christ Jesus – so powerful and pure.

So – as we celebrate this day and get ready for a New Year.
No matter the obstacle – we must pray to not fear…

The questions, the worries, the doubts in our lives.
Use prayer – and always lift it up – to our loving Christ.

Happy birthday – sweet Jesus – the sweetest baby boy.
Who from His birth, life, resurrection – brings our lives so much JOY.