Happy Moving

Last night some of the best girls in DFW sat around with some margaritas, baskets of chips and ridiculously good Mexican food to bid farewell to a great girl as she left the Lone Star State to move to land that houses orange crops, Miami thrice and Disney World.

We all know from my past, present and future posts that I am a sap and cry at the drop of a hat. So I was sure I was going to lose it when we yelled “Surprise!” as one of my favorite girls walked into her surprise going away dinner.

Sarah and I have only known each other for about 10 months. But, we became fast friends, shared the same sense of humor, and battled the first year of motherhood together.

Her son, Mr. T ;-), is 2 months younger than Iz. So, it was fantastic to have someone else going through the same things I was going through as Iz and I turned 1yr this year.

It helped that we share the same love for laughter, love for impromptu wine nights, and love being surrounded by friends.

She’s a great mommy and I admire her ability to look at motherhood as a part of her life and not her whole life. I have had the tendency to make my world Iz – and only Iz – and bypass the fun things in my life that I used to love before I was a mom. She balances mommyhood – loving Mr. T, being an instructor for SS, traveling to see friends and family, and making time for friends in her life like me – brilliantly.

I’ve been blessed with this group of women I’ve grown to love with my heart and soul. Sometimes I forget that this time – being a new mom – is just another season in my life. And as difficult as it may be, some of these friendships may be flit like the seasons. But, in my heart of hearts, I truly believe that Sarah and these great girls will be in my life for many, many moons.

I’ll miss you sweet friend!