Happy times…

The past few weeks we’ve had a great time with friends and family.
We love hanging with family and watching my nieces and nephew ooh and ahh over Izzy. It’s crazy how it seems I was holding Garrett in my arms…and now my nephew is almost 8 years old!!!

Tita Candice came from Lubbock to see Iz!

Garrett, Tita Candice and Izzy’s Tatay

Maddie loves Iz!

Garrett loves Izzy, too!!

Cousin Kara – she’s 4 months older than Izzy…Iz decided to show Kara how to accessorize and share her hairbows!

We had the chance to meet one Izzy’s boyfriends. Christi – my best friend from college – had Caden August 5th after over 27 hours of labor! He’s such a cutie and I only wish we lived closer to each other so we could spend more time together.

Caden Wayne! What a cutie!

Last weekend my best friend Stacy and Izzy’s best friend (I’m forcing – erm – encouraging this friendship) Charleigh came over to my parent’s house. We ate tons of food, played, swam and hung out! Stacy’s daughter is such a cutie and I only hope that her and Iz are as good of friends as Stacy and I are!

Charleigh…so cute!

Showing Izzy how to eat a watermelon the right way!