We left Europe 100 lbs of cheese heavier, 5 lbs of extra body fluff (dang 30 year old body can’t handle the booze and munchies like it used to), luggage busting at the seams from trinkets, souvenirs and keep sakes from our trip.

We endured 14 hours of traveling in economy seats (I act like I normally fly first class or business class…in my next life I’ll sit in 1A instead of 43F), a close call at immigration (Craig’s phone rang in immigration and that’s a huge “No, No” and waiting for luggage to finally arrive in Dallas.

It was pretty late when we got back so my aunt suggested we pick up Iz the next day. I took a quick peak at Iz before we went home and I was convinced she grew about 10 feet. Ok – maybe about an inch or so. She looked so peaceful and so perfect. I wanted to pick up my toddler and kiss her chubby cheeks and get a slobbery kiss from her perfect bow lips.
But, I refrained myself and headed home to unpack and try to sleep.

The next morning, Craig and I woke up bright and early to pick up Iz.

We walked in the door to my parent’s house and I saw my little – now bigger – baby girl running around and singing.

I yelled, “Isabelle! It’s Mommy!”

Craig was behind me and sweetly started playing a little game he plays with her and said, “Where is Isabelle?”

She looked at us, cocked her head, looked at my aunts…then we had a movie moment…

She looked right at me, said the sweetest word in the world, “MAMA!” and ran right towards me – chubby arms stretched out waiting for my hugs.

I cried. Of course I did. It was exactly what I thought it would feel like. A true homecoming.

Me, Craig and Iz…my home.