I am THAT girl

I guess I should say “woman” – THAT woman…

**I honestly don’t see myself as a woman. A woman is someone who’s old…like in her 30s…uh oh…guess I’m gonna be a woman very, very soon 😉 **

I never thought I would be. I even made a vow with myself long ago in my 20s when I would run into women like me.

You know the kind…

The kind of woman that’s a new mom and she has diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to her baby.

The kind of woman that divulges intimate details about breastfeeding to the sad schmuck that just happens to sit next to her.

The kind of woman that forces the unsuspecting stranger to look at picture after picture of her new baby on her cell phone…swearing that each picture is different (when in reality – babies only have one expression).

I had this epiphany yesterday as I was volunteering for my mom’s health fair. I found myself forcing – erm – sharing details about my new station in life – to ANYONE who’d listen.


The new sorority I’ve joined. The sisterhood of women everywhere with stories similar to my own. Challenges like trying to shower with with a new baby, triumphs like getting that new baby to sleep more than 4 hours in the night, and women who share the badge of exhaustion we carry proudly underneath our eyes.

I realize now that those women I would smile at in my 20s and allow my eyes to glaze over as they droned on and on about their little ones were just completely and utterly consumed with their baby. It’s not intentional. It just happens. I spend close to 24 hours with Isabelle – take out bathroom breaks (which this deserves a post all to itself…post partum poopage) and sleep – and pretty much my day and nights revolve around her.

I didn’t think I’d feel so different – be so different – and be so incredibly happy with the person I am today. I love that Izzy has made me into a mother, filled my days with her and provided me with stories to share with everyone and anyone that listen!