I have nothing to wear

and a closet full of clothes.

I’m working on getting back into shape. And I mean WORKING!

It’s hard to fit in 3 hours of work outs a day with a baby.


THREE hours a DAY????? I’m crazy right?

Well, when I was in medical school – I would work out 3 hours a day to burn off some steam…OK – I’m lying – I’d skip class and go to the gym. But, I’d take notes with me…so it kind of counted as studying…

Anyhoo…I was in phenomenal shape. Like bow-chica-bow-wow…

I’d look in the mirror and give myself a wolf whistle 😉

Really though- I was in great shape and I bought clothes to fit my new form and threw out ALL of my bigger clothes.

Well – pregnancy has done it’s job and changed my body. I’m really only 5 lbs from a healthy weight – but nothing fits right. My hips are wider…my milk makers are working overtime so they’re spilling over everything…..and my tummy – looks like jello. My weight on the scale doesn’t phase me…it’s more so how much my shape has drastically changed.

Now – I’m not complaining…yes I guess I am. But, I love that I have Izzy. I love that I have these new curves…but I need clothes to wear. I can’t be expected to prance around town in workout shorts, nursing tanks and t-shirts all day and night!

I’ve decided that once I lose the last 10 lbs – I’ll re-evaluate my wardrobe situation and see if I need to buy anything. Because I’m frugal – CHEAP even – and refuse to buy anything new. I’ll just squeeze myself into my jeans and get lots of flowy tops until then….just have to figure out how I’m going to breathe while I’m wearing those jeans…

Oh well…time to suck it up and suck it in!

**this rant brought to you by the fact that Craig has a work dinner that I’m attending and realized I couldn’t wear a Tech t-shirt and soft shorts to dinner…I found a shirt and will SQUEEZE myself into a pair of jeans…pics to follow – we have to get this debacle on film**


  1. I love the fact that I'm not the only one that feels this way. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I do not look the same and clothes do not fit the same. I'm about a month ahead of you (post pregnancy) and things are slowly going back I have noticed. Hips are moving back into place, tummy is less swollen, and boobs are shrinking (and I'm still breast-feeding). I heard it takes a full year to get completely back to normal. Great! Just in time for another pregnancy 🙂 Another crazy thing that happens… around month 4 of nursing, your hair starts to fall out. Something to look forward to!
    All in all – totally worth it!!

  2. Ashley Coleman says:

    Did I just read that our hair will fall out? This is great…I need to loose some of this horses mane.

    I too am struggling to find the time to work out but I feel good about my weight. Being back to the same weight on the scale is reassuring but I am with you the shape is different and so my clothes don't fit right.

    I can't even get this jugs into a top from pre-pregnancy. We need to do a shopping trip for cheap clothes!!!

  3. 趙又廷Mark says: