I swear our lives are much more than tears and working out.

Looking through my posts, it feels like I’ve been on a streak of lots of boo-hooing and tears mixed in with stuff about me working out and eating clean.

Don’t get me wrong – I cry a lot. Work out a lot.  Eat a lot.

But, our lives are so much more!


Today is a special day.

My best girl made me a mom on this day 3 years ago.

She initiated me into the sisterhood called motherhood.

She taught me to love outside myself.

She showed me God’s love, God’s power, God’s mercy in her 6 lb 13 oz, 19 3/4 inch frame.

She is the shining light in our home a lot of days.

She is the sweetest big sister to Evan.  She defends her brother to people who ask, “What’s the tube on his face?”  She rushes to his side, scrunches up her face, pouts her mouth and yells, “Don’t talk about my brudder!”


She is challenging.

She is funny.

She is loving.

She is fiercely independent.

She is still “just a little big.”

She is Daddy’s best helper.  She makes him cry more than I’ve ever seen him….she has nuzzled a special place in his heart.

She is Mommy’s best girl.  She shows me what pure joy is all about.

She is the best parts of Craig and I.

She loves Jesus.  She talks to God.

She gives me reason to praise His name despite all our family is going through.

We love you, Bug.  Happy birthday to my best girl!

My big 3 year old!Best Big SisterDaddy's ShadowYou're the best of me Iz...I love you!