I think this baby is going to come out of my face


Yuppers….this kid is going to either bud out of my cheeks, I’m going to sneeze him/her (for the sake of typing and saving my fingers – let’s refer to this baby as him – well at least until I find out if he has the right parts), or I’m going to open my mouth and he’s going to crawl out.


Most women – ok NORMAL – women put on weight in their hips and their backside when they get pregnant. This post is similar to one I wrote about a few weeks ago. But, since then, I’ve been on different motherhood sites (which by the way are NOT about supporting your fellow mommy-to-bes but more about bashing women who have questions that some might feel the whole universe should know…sorry….I regress) – and these sites are all about different mommy’s who are complaining about the size of their backside and the widening of their hips – how all those things are in preparation for the baby to have easier access to the outside world.

I know once this baby runs out of womb….hahaha….it’s supposed to just moonwalk himself out of ready made tunnel aka Va-jay-jay. Well – not this baby in my belly. This baby – who I really, really, really love and talk to everyday (sometimes I sing to him and sometimes….I even rap…) must be ready to come out of my face because that’s where all my weight is going.

I’ve put on 8 lbs – pretty good for 15 weeks but not great. But, 4 lbs is in my milk-makers (aka knockers), 1 lb in my arms and fatty back, and the other 3lbs…you guessed it…in my face!!!

Some people call it maternity glow – HA!

Thank God for Craig – who tries so hard to reassure me I look great – aahh but yes Grasshopper – you know me well – I am baffled by his compliments when he is looking at the same face I see in the mirror.

But – this body – is making a baby – and this face – is going to give my little one lots of sloppy kisses – so for now I’m going to love what I see (I just wish there was little less of it).

The EVIDENCE (aaahh – I can’t believe I’m letting you see this!):


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    If that baby comes out of your face it is going to totally freak me out! But I think we need to just embrace the fact that we are going to get big, fat, and uncomfortable….keep your eye on the prize; a beautiful baby that you can shower with love!

  2. You are adorable! And that baby will work it’s way to your middle. hehe 🙂 You are just in that awkward phase of pregnancy where you may not look/ feel like yourself. But soon, you will “pop”, and I think that is so fun.

  3. The Coggins says:

    Hey Czarina! Don’t worry about your weight. You look great! It will all come off. That is what I was most stressed about. I did great with my weight gain until the last few weeks and then I started to swell. I gained about 45 lbs but lost it all very quickly. It is definately all worth it for that bundle of joy inside of you.

  4. You are so cute! And I think that your baby might come out of MY face. Now, that would be scary.

  5. jenn_pimentel says:

    You’re belly is so precious!!!