I’m not a quitter just a not a do-er

BB #10 was moved since we had sick kiddos to attend to.

Sick kids are sad.

A Thursday without BB is like the Brad and Jen split (wow – talk about dated material) – just plain wrong.

But, good ole Jodie moved our BB session to the following Sunday – the Lord’s Day.

With both BB sessions (the 6am session and my 9:30 am classes) joined together, all of us prayed together that we would make it through the grueling session. Ok – not really prayed – but a lot of us were saying things like “Oh my God – this hurts.” or “Holy crap…”

Then at BB #11 – Tuesday – I didn’t go to my normal 9:30am session. And the thing about BB is that you get to know the women in those sessions and during the class we are all supporting each other, cheering for each other, encouraging one another. But, because work has given me more than I can handle, I had to switch to the 6am session in order for me to get a full day of work in.

I wake up at 3am on Tuesday because I didn’t want to be late…
I walked into the class at 5:45am ready to work out. Or more like…trying to wake up, trying to figure out how I was going to exercise with only a cup of coffee in my system (I couldn’t stomach eating a meal at 5am…unless that 5am meal was prefaced with a night at the bar and was at Whataburger eating a taquito).

Jodie ain’t playin’. She doesn’t care that the rooster hadn’t even cock-a-doodle-dooed or that my Java jolt hadn’t zapped my system. It was still hard. So, like Sunday’s session, I prayed to God again with the ritualistic prayer of “Oh my God…this is hard” and “Dear God this hurts…”

Fast forward to Thursday BB #12.

I didn’t go.

Not because I didn’t want to. My parents needed a ride to the airport at 6am for a trip to Estonia.

Ok – now that sounds sketchy and kind of like I’m making it up.

But, really, my parent’s had a 9am flight to Finland for a wedding that they were attending for my Godfather’s (not THE Godfather…”Monday, Tuesday, Thursday….” – sorry a lot of you won’t get that…ask your hubbies…”) daughter who’s fiance is from Estonia.

Still sounds fake.

But REALLY, they called me and asked if I would take them to the airport, so I did.

And since I missed BB #12, I decided to work from 7am – 6pm – on my feet, lifting 50 lb bowls of cake batter, 50 lb bags of sugar…ok I didn’t really choose the 11 work day – it kind of just happened.

So, today, I am going to work out. Try to push myself as hard as Drill Sargent does. Work really hard….

Then go to wine night with girlfriends…

BB #13 on Tuesday is going to be ugly.