It’s a Wonderful Life!

Who’s tired of hearing about Isabelle?

Well – if you’re reading this blog – she’s pretty much what I’ll be writing about. I’m pretty consumed by her and love that my life is all about Iz.

She turned 2 months old on the 19th. We went to the doctor and had a great visit.

Stats: 10 lbs 13 oz – 10th percentile
23 inches long – 75th percentile

So, we still have a long, skinny baby! But, she’s growing and that’s all the matters.

Iz and I have joined Stroller Strides in Arlington and LOVE it! At least 6 days a week, I know I get to get out of the house, work out and hang with my daughter. We sing songs to our kiddos, walk/run, and do some resistance training. I was weary at first – thinking – “I don’t want to walk around and push a stroller for a work out” but it really is a great work out! Plus, I get to talk and hang out with other moms. I’ve also joined a Mommy group…I haven’t done anything with them yet but have my first Mom’s Night Out on the 3rd!

I realize now that I really, really, really, love being a stay at home mom. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I look at the clock and watch the minute hand move at a snail’s pace until Craig gets home but then there are days where Iz and I have a full day and it feels like we just woke up! I didn’t realize how much work it is. My day’s start at least an hour before Iz wakes up. It gives me some time to read my Bible and get a plan of attack for the day.

I try to pick up the house a bit or start laundry, I wait for Iz to wake up, I nurse her, change her, and then we’re out the door to Stroller Strides.

We leave Stroller Strides and I get home. Nurse and change her when we get home. I try to get a bite of lunch if I’m lucky and then try to get her to nap.

I clean up a little (if Iz is asleep), figure out what’s for dinner, do some work (I’m working a little from home – paper work stuff – boring stuff – but getting PAID stuff), maybe run some errands if we need to get out.

Wait for Iz to wake up from her nap, feed her, nurse her, tummy time, song time then maybe back for anothe nap before Craig gets home.

By this time, Craig is normally home – and let’s be real here – probably the only things that got done were me feeding and changing Iz. I’m lucky if I get to pick up and clean, get some work done, and get something thawed out for dinner.

My days can be monotonous. It may sound boring to many but it’s a full packed day. I wouldn’t trade my days of spit up, diapers, and silly songs for the world.

It’s a wonderful life…and I’m so glad it’s mine!

Isabelle in the morning…still not happy and still running a fever after her shots…but I HAD to take a pic with her sign!

There’s my happy girl!


  1. Lisa Parsons says:

    Great blog! Claire was/is a long skinny baby too! Always 10% in weight and 90% in length! We are so glad you joined Stroller Strides!!!