It’s been a busy 3 months {guest post from Iz}

Whew – I’ve had a busy 3 months. I turned 3 months old the the 19th!

Between growing, spitting up, keeping my mom up at night, having blow out diapers…there’s very little time for much else.

But a day in the life of a princess is a busy one!

You know my mom cries almost once a week if not more? She’s always picking me up, telling me how big I’ve gotten, I smile at her because it makes her laugh, and then the crazy lady starts crying. She starts babbling about how fast time is going and how much she loves me….I guess it’s pretty great to be loved so much 🙂

I’ve been working out like crazy at Stroller Strides. We go at least twice a week and Mommy pushes me in my stroller. We’ve made some new friends but I’m the baby of the group. I can’t wait to get bigger so I can play like the other babies. But, yet again, Mommy looks at me and keeps saying “You’re growing up too fast!”

I think I like this month the best because football season has started! I hang out with Daddy on the couch on Saturdays and watch college football – and get really excited if Texas Tech is playing. We watch the Cowboys play on Sundays…it’s great.

The days go by pretty fast with Stroller Strides in the morning, getting home to eat, playing on my mat, tummy time, nap time, eating again, and doing chores.

I found my hands and love to suck on my fingers. I’ve rolled over a couple of times but I can’t do it on demand like my Mommy wishes I could.

I know I’m getting bigger because all of a sudden I have a new wardrobe! Mommy put up a bunch of my clothes that were getting a bit too tight around my ham hocks (again – the crazy lady cried as she did it!).

Overall – I’m pretty happy here. I love to laugh, love to talk, can make anyone pick me up by pushing out my lower lip and giving a pouty lip that melts anyone’s heart, love hanging out with my family….life is good.

Me and Daddy watching the Cowboys

I’ve got him wrapped around my finger!

working out!

Catching up on my programs

Returning emails, looking at Facebook, reading blogs

Folding laundry

catching up on Hollywood gossip

Tummy time is not my favorite time

quick nap!

my cap from the hospital – Mommy tried putting it on me – and then cried because it didn’t fit

quick snack – “handwich”


Sweet Dreams!


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    I love the pictures and the commentary. She has grown up so much but she is just a beautiful little princess and mommy should be very proud:)