Iz is excited to have a baby ______________!

I could apologize for not posting in over a month.

I could – but in my head – I posted every day.  Ok – I had the intentions of posting.  Thought of some really witty, funny, poignant posts about family, faith…man I tell you…they were good!

My life has been a whirlwind of busy.  Work, a 2 year old, potty training, summer fun.  The whole shebang.

I’ll do a catch up post but first let’s get down to business.

Yesterday Craig and I did the big “S!”  Not THAT big “S” – the most exciting BIG “S” of when you’re pregnant – the SONOGRAM!

And with my pregnancy being as trying as it has been, all I wanted to see was a healthy baby.  All I wanted to hear was that we had a head and brain forming normally, a spine that was fused and straight, a heart with 4 chambers, 2 kidneys, two arms and hands, two legs and feet….and I honestly did not care what was *ahem* between the kid’s legs.

Boy or Girl…I was happy with either.

We walked into the doctor’s office and the sonogram lady was making small talk with me.

Craig was holding my hand.  He knew how anxious I had been all day.  How I could barely stomach lunch.  How much I prayed for a healthy baby.  How much I loved this little tumbling, kicking, miracle in my growing belly.

Sonogram lady:  Well – let’s take a look. Placenta hasn’t moved much but I feel confident that it will move in the next 4 weeks.

Me: Oh good.  *Me in thought….get to the baby stuff, lady!*

Sono:  Blah, blah blah – talking about her kids and her refrigerator that broke down.

Me in thought:  *Oh no – she’s making small talk with me because she is scared to tell me something*

Sono:  The head is forming on target, the heart has 4 chambers, we have 2 kidneys and 2 arms and 2 legs.  Do you want to know the sex?

Me:  Does everything look ok?

Sono:  The heart rate is a little low but nothing to be concerned over.  We’ll follow it closely.  But, overall, I do not see anything abnormal. The baby looks great and it looks like we are on track. Did you want to know the sex?

Craig:  Yes.

Me:  Well…as long as everything looks ok…sure.  Go ahead and tell us…

Sono:  Well…looks like you are going to have a ______________!

Craig squeezes my hand.  I squeeze it back.

We are overjoyed with the news that God has blessed us with a beautiful baby ___________________________!

Baby H #2


  1. Are you serious? Come on Czarina!!!

  2. Congrats Czarina!! So excited for you and your family! What a perfect addition to your beautiful family. 🙂

  3. Ahhhhh! I love the movie. It’s so cute! I’m super excited that ya’ll are having a healthy, four chambered heart, two arms, two legs….little boy!
    But most of all, I’m glad he’s doing great and growing so well.
    Continued prayers on your behalf.