Keeping my mouth shut

Do you ever think to yourself “what in world have I gotten myself into?”


I do this a lot.

Like when I thought for sure me squeezing my post baby body into a pair of pre-baby jeans a couple of months after I had Isabelle – for a night out on the town – and midway through the drive to Dallas I started to lose feeling in my thighs. And I still had a night of dinner ahead of me…well…that was one of those moments.

Blog readers, you probably wonder where I’ve been. What the heck I’ve been doing with all my time. I’m sure those that have faith in me truly and utterly believe that I am nurturing my little mini-me and using all my spare time to care for my home, for my child and my husband. Because, I am a full time mother – and I’m staying at home full time.


That’s my gig.

So, why in the world did I decide to add onto my FULL TIME gig with another job…ok…a full time job and a part time job.

I promise you this – my blog won’t turn into an infomercial about my new businesses.

The fact that I sell awesome Scentsy products – wickless candles for your home, work and car. It’s safe for the family (wax never exceeds body temperature), the warmers are super cute and the amazing scents. Well – I promise you I won’t talk about it. Just go to my site and buy the stuff already. You’ll be so glad you did.

And I promise you I won’t talk about my new, super duper business venture with my sister. You won’t hear me talk about Zen Baking Company. You won’t hear me talk about how amazing our cake balls are. You won’t hear me tell you that you can have them shipped across the city, across the state, across the nation – and they’ll be as pretty and as yummy as if they just left our kitchens. You won’t hear me talk about how Zen Baking Company gives 1% of our proceeds every month to a charity. You won’t hear me talk about how our customers get to decide which charities. And all people have to do is buy cake balls. Yummy, yummy cake or cookie dough balls from Zen Baking Company. Nope – not one bit. You won’t hear me talk about it.

What you will talk about is how much I love Isabelle and how much I love being a wife. Ya’ll already know this. But, let’s discuss my life the last week or so – shall we…

So – I’ve been busy. Getting ready to launch the website for Zen Baking Company (I swear – this is the last time) and catching up on the transition to our spring line for Scentsy.

I’m either at the computer, in the kitchen trying out recipes, on the phone trying to get our cake balls as the product for an event….

Poor baby Bug. She is getting the short end of the stick here. I think she sat in her bouncy and cried for 10 minutes because I was on the phone with a customer. I’m pretty sure the lady in Boston I talked to about her order didn’t appreciate Isabelle’s cries as I tried to change her poopy diaper.

I’m sure I broke all sorts of rules as I popped Iz in her high chair as I tried new recipes in the kitchen and gave her empty (but clean) plastic containers to play with. I’m pretty sure one of them said – “do not give to children – choking hazard.” But for whatever reason, the dang lid to the cottage cheese container was the only thing in the house that would keep her happy (mind you – we have toys – lots of them, big ones, small ones, noisey ones, quiet ones…)

I’m sure my husband – my sweet, patient, husband (who faithfully reads my blog)- – didn’t appreciate the fact that we had cold pizza and left overs twice in one week. The fact that I’m up to my ear balls (wait – eye balls) – in trying to put orders into Scentsy (really – no more business talk) and finish the spread sheet to figure out costs of cake balls for Zen Baking Company…and completely letting dishes pile up, laundry to amass in the corner (there was morning when I heard Craig rifling through our drawers and I secretly thought “oh crap – I hope he has underwear…”), letting Iz cry it out in the bouncy….all to get these two businesses up and running.

“What have I gotten myself into?”

Easy – I want a life at home with Isabelle and Craig.

Medical school is still a possibility – just not now. But, I knew that if I didn’t take these leaps into the business world – selling Scentsy and starting a business from scratch in Zen Baking Co. – I knew I’d never have the cojones to do it. I never knew how important being at home with Iz would mean to me. Granted – I’m not home with her 2 mornings a week while I work in the kitchen and granted I’m still on the computer while she crawls around in her play cage and granted I’m on a conference call while I’m nursing….but I’m here. I still get to see her sleepy face when she wakes up. I get to take breaks – leave my office aka spare bedroom – and sing songs to my baby Bug.

I’m stretched so thin now – with time, energy, emotions – I could probably snap.

But, I look at my life I’ve made these 7 or so months with Isabelle and Craig and I know in my heart this is where I belong.

So – “what in the world have I gotten myself into?”

A beautiful, crazy mess that is my new life as a work from home mom.

Join me, blog readers, as we enter into this new world together…


  1. Owen King Coleman says:

    I don't know how you do it all but I am so glad that you have found something that you love…and I am glad because they taste so darn good:) 🙂

  2. Isabelle is such a happy and beautiful girl 🙂 You're are just doing it all and balancing everything so well. You are such a strong positive role model 🙂 Congrats!!!