Let the countdown begin!

It’s a big day.

Today marks 100 days until my expected due date!

I just can’t believe how fast time has gone since I found out I was pregnant.

So – I am going to try to blog everyday until this little one gets here. I’m going to list 100 random things that I wish/want/don’t want/hope for/pray for/etc…for this sweet baby…

#100 – I am so excited to take you to get your first mani/pedi! I was thinking how fun it’s going to be to do fun girly things with you. We’ll make it a mommy-daughter day – we’ll shop, get our nails done, eat a yummy lunch….I love that God blessed me with you sweet Baby!


  1. I love that you are going to blog everyday for your little lady! She will LOVE reading these when she’s older. How cool!

    You look so stinkin cute in your prego pics! ALL BELLY!!

  2. Ashley Coleman says:

    The time is flying by. YEAH