Love Story – How my family began.

Ugh…it was the first time we’d be with the high school kids.

The 9th grade school had kept my friends and I sheltered another year before we had to move onto the “real” highschool.

But now, I was a sophomore.  A girl crying on the inside suffering from all things teen who desperately wanted to be accepted and popular.  The cheerleading uniform I donned was a good cover up to the self esteem that was painfully low.  And being surrounded by friends who were beautiful, funny and smart helped conceal the me I was so scared for people to see.

I was loud, joked often, perky, and cheerful. And most days, I was living honestly.  I was happy.  As happy as a 16 year old could be going through the transition of high school and growing up.

And no, this is not in invitation to a pity party, but just an honest account of who I was then because it’s shaped me to who I am today.

But back to the first day at the High School.

I was at a pep rally to get the school riled up and excited about the new year.  But really, it was just another excuse to see the faces you hadn’t seen all summer long.  A good mix of friendly faces were in the crowd that I had remembered from the past school year.  The Band was playing our fight song.  I love the Band.  I secretly wished I could play and instrument and wear a cool hat and march on the field.  But no, I was the annoying, perky, bow wearing, Asian chick on the side lines in the skirt that was waaaaay to short.  I scanned the crowd – in the stands and on the sideline – just to scope out who I’d be passing in the halls from the Commons area to building 10.

Then, I saw him.

I cheered on my side – the Junior Varsity side – and watched the “older” girls effortlessly cheer, work the crowd, tumble.  Be all I wanted to be.

He was tall.  Kind of awkward.  A Duffer for the varsity cheerleading squad.  A Duffer was a guy yell leader – NOT a cheerleader.  Duffers traveled with the cheerleading squad to all away games, carried megaphones and pom poms and the varsity squad’s bag.  They were guys who got to hang with the girls in the shorts skirts.  Pretty cool gig.

He was cute.  Super tall.  Probably over 6 feet with long brown hair that he would habitually put behind his ears.  He would laugh and he had the best smile.  I instantly liked him.  I didn’t know a thing about him but his name…but I knew I had to get him to notice me.

Getting this guy to notice me was going to be tough.  He was surrounded by beautiful girls.  Was in a band for, goodness sake.  He was a Senior. And I was a lowly sophomore.

Call it fate.  Call it hormones.  But I knew in an instant I was going to marry, Craig Hounsel.