Lucky One

It’s almost time to celebrate a day just for me.
Or for all the women in world who’s first name is now “Mommy.”

Who would’ve thought there’d be a day set aside for my “everyday.”
A day that once upon a time – I would only have when I prayed…

For the bundle of joy that captured my heart the moment I saw her face.
For each smile, each laugh, each tear that she’s cried – time will never erase.

For the baby bottles here and there and toys scattered on the floor.
For the crazy love in the pit of my stomach – realizing everyday – I love her more.

In this moment – I’m the center of her world – just like she is mine.
I know I can’t fight the one thing I hate the most…and that is the speed of time.

As days turned to weeks and weeks to months…soon we’ll be at a year…
It feels like yesterday that I held her in my arms – and wiped away her very first tear.

She made me a mom, teaches me motherhood – with every triumph and every trial.
No matter how difficult the road has been – it’s worth it when I see her smile.

Cards in the store – the well wishing for me – all the “she’s lucky to have you” – I’ve heard.
But there’s a secret I have – come close as I whisper – listen to every word…

The joy that I have as I watch my heart grow every single day.
Sure she’s lucky to have me – but face it – without her – I’d be lost along the way.

I’m the lucky one – it’s me – she’s my gift – a gift beyond measure.
There’s nothing more precious or valuable than her – my role as Mommy – I’ll always treasure.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my blog mommies!


  1. What a beautiful poem ! Happy mother's day to you 🙂
    it's amazing how alive and happy our little munchkins make us feel ! Life is GOOD !

  2. Kristen says:

    Seriously…I now have to reapply my mascara! Happy Mother's Day!