Marty McFly: Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean

I have traveled through time.
It was pretty amazing. I didn’t think it was possible.

All of a sudden – I blinked and 3 weeks have flown by.

My little newborn girl is now a baby. She isn’t as snoozy, her head isn’t as floppy, she’s more alert…


I want her to grow. I can’t wait until I can tickle her tummy and hear her laugh. She’s already melted mine and Craig’s heart with her smile that’s nothing but gum.

We’re learning her sounds, her cries, and cues – we’re surviving the first few weeks and we’re slowly getting a routine.


The hours during the day feel rushed while the night hours – around 9pm – drag on and on. Iz has a hard time between 9pm and 12am – she fusses and cries – and makes me realize that her needing me during that time are times that I hate in the moment but will miss in the future.


Craig has had to endure my psycho moments of little to no sleep. I miss the days of just “us” and miss the nights free of worry. But, I love seeing the man in my life hold our child – and hold my heart – and reassure me that our life will find normalcy soon.


I’ve been catapulted into the future and time isn’t slowing down. I see the moments of my life swiftly pass me by as I watch my daughter change and grow before me. I look in the mirror and can see how the past 3 weeks have taken a toll on me. But, I see the dark circles under my eyes as a badge of endurance as I tackle another sleepless night, I see the slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) fading stretch marks as a badge of honor that shows the world that I gave birth to a miracle, and I see the wrinkles around my eyes as I grin from ear to ear as I look down my sweet Angel face baby.


“Don’t even think about taking away my binky.” – Izzy

So cute…and Izzy is alright too 😉

Is it wrong I think it’s funny when she fusses???

“Umm lady…you’re crazy.” – Izzy

She looks like a doll

“Man these arms are strong!” – Izzy


  1. Justin and April says:

    She is growing so much! You look great! I wouldn't even let anyone hardly take my pic the first couple of months b/c I usually didn't have makeup on and when I did, it didn't help the bags under my eyes disappear. Yes, you will miss those sleepless nights when only you can make her happy. Very bittersweet!!!