Meet Evan

So many of you have never seen pictures of my boy.  I forget that we’re not all Facebook friends 🙂

I made a short video of the beginning of our journey where you’ll see…

What you were praying for…

Who you were praying for..

And witnessing the power of prayer.

Thanks all of you for your prayers and I will continue to ask for prayers for Evan.

He’s my hero.

And now you’ll know why.

*Please be advised there is some content that is graphic – pictures from his surgery*

Evan’s first Heart surgery





  1. You guys are amazing! Very inspiring!

  2. So beautiful, truly. He is absolutely precious, adorable, and such a treasure from God.

  3. Tears in my eyes. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing <3

  4. Great video! The picture of Evan after surgery with the little tear in the corner of his eye just about broke my heart! What a strong boy and family!

  5. Czarina, thinking about you and your beautiful family in Tokyo. James 1:12

  6. Dear Czarina,

    I am moved beyond words after watching your video of your courageous son,Evan. I cannot wait for my son Ian to get home from school today so that he can watch this video with his sister so that they can see who they have been praying for. Your precious Evan is such an awesome warrior. All I felt was the amazing, incredible love that is surrounding this lil boy from you,your husband, and daughter. We will continue to pray for your brave lil man with the most sensational smile in those last minutes of your video. The saying that you can see and feel God’s love when you look in the eyes of a child is shown beautifully in your Evan’s eyes. Thank you for sharing Czarina.
    Sending you our hopes and prayers for your precious Evan~

  7. Czarina,
    May God Bless you and your family. Take care always and give my hugs and kisses to Evan. Get Well Soon Evan!

  8. Hi Czarina,
    I heard about your story through a mutual friend of ours and I’ve been following Evan’s progress for the last few months. I want to tell you that I pray for you and your family often. You guys are so strong and so brave. My son Noah was born on the same day as your son and my oldest son’s name is Evan so immediately, I got attached to your family. I’ve been a silent supporter but when I watched this video, I had to write you. I cried and during some parts of your movie, I flat out sobbed. I can’t imagine what you’re going through but you’re holding up beautifully. Keep it up and stay strong for that handsome boy of yours. Best wishes and God bless you and your lovely family.


  9. Czarina,
    My wife Elaine had me watch this video and I wanted to tell you that I’ve never been so proud of two people I don’t even know. What you are doing can give inspiration to anyone. Take care of that little boy and know that love and prayers are coming from more places than you probably know.

  10. Josie Marie says:

    This video brought tears from beginning to end. First of all, Evan is nothing short of beautiful! And you strength as parents & his strength as a little guy is absolutley amazing & inspiring. The little tear in his eye at the end broke my heart in pieces:( .. Its`not fair that anyone especially one so little should have to go through all this… Bless you for taking such a negative experience & turning it into an educating and positive experience for others! Prayers for you & your whole family! Your little boy has touched my heart in many ways, I have a 6month old boy his name is River. He has no hearing in his right ear which I thought at first was a big deal but after reading about & seeing Evans life struggles, I no longer think that Rivers`hearing is a big deal at all. I`m just grateful that he is otherwise healthy. Thank you for giving me peace of mind about my son and for sharing your story.