Miracle Day

We had a 2 hour conversation today about the surgical plan for Evan.

We had a 2 hour conversation about the risks.

We talked about bypass.

We talked about infection.

We talked about arrythmias.

We talked about Evan’s complex heart.

How incredibly complex it is.

My husband and I have consulted with the best in the nation…literally….

And everyone’s thought process is the same.

A “full” repair is possible.

Difficult…but possible.

A staged repair is everyone’s back up plan.

It means a lot to me when the brightest minds in the nation are looking at my boy…his complex heart…and say, “Yes…we can help you.”

Because, friends, some babies don’t have that option.

It means the world that my kid is in the hands of a very respected surgeon.

A man that will stop my son’s heart, cool his body down, sew and suture on parts and pieces…move around pieces of his sick heart.

And then….it’s up to my boy.

It’s up to the little boy who I call “My warrior.  My fighter.”

His little, tiny heart will have to beat again.

I have to ask my son and the Son..to make his heart beat.

His heart will then show us what it can and can’t handle.

And then..we’ll know…

We’ve been given surgical options…A, B, and C.

I’m not going into the details here because the bottom line…we have surgical options for him.

I’m emotionally drained.  I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I’m tired.  I’m exhausted.

I’m spent.

But, I made a promise to my boy.  I told him today and I tell him all the time…”You’ll go to sleep for a while.  Then, when you feel like you want to open your eyes.  You open them. You open your eyes.  And you look for, Mama.  Because I will not leave your side…until I see your perfect eyes staring back at me.”

So, today…I’m taking a break from this place to sleep, to pray, to rest my body and my soul.

Once I can stop the tears and gather my thoughts…I’ll post more.

But until then….friends…please pray…

–That Evan stays free from infection until surgery day.

–That Craig and I stay well so we can be there for him in recovery.

–For prayer now over his care team.

I’ll post specific prayers on what I need in the coming days.

For now…be in prayer for the day my boy will show the world what a fighter he is….be in prayer for the day God’s amazing work will be done on my son through the Son..

Surgery Day…

Miracle Day…

Monday, August 27th.

That’s a good day for healing.




  1. praying for you all and surgeons.

  2. Andrea Walters says:

    Czarina, we are praying for you and everyone involved.

  3. I have been following your website through Angie and just wanted you to know your son is in my prayers. I am someone who has had several heart surgeries and can attest to the miracles of modern medicine. You have placed your son in The healer which is the Best thing you could have done! You sound like an incredible Mom and he is a beautiful boy. I will continue to pray for you, your family and the medical staff. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Angela Dansby says:

    Lifting Evan and your family up in prayer. I know God is with you all!

  5. I love your blog and it’s raw emotion. You pour your heart and soul on these pages and I admire you for it. Praying, praying, praying for your baby boy. Love to the Housel family.

  6. Yesenia Puente says:

    Praying every day for your little warrior and you ,and now I have friends doing the same.Sending lots of love from the Puente family<3

  7. Sandra Martinez says:

    Remember the promises of our Heavenly Father!! By his stripes we are healed. Fear not as our Lord is with you. Praying that God guide the hands of the surgeons. That all that surround your family are touched by his light. Mercy and compassion for all. Love and hugs from Toronto Canada

  8. Tomasita Cantu says:

    Your warrior, your fighter is in my prayers. Along with your family. May good be with him, you, & your family.

  9. Jana McLain says:

    Praying so hard for you all and the surgeons. You are in our hearts.

  10. Maggie Polo says:

    I’ve been praying for your little boy and for the entire family. God is so amazing and he will heal him and he’ll take care of everything..

    You are so strong and your faith is so powerful that you are already healing your little angel.

    Lots of love, Maggie 🙂

  11. You will do this and so will your son. You have the greatest attitude and it will only help your son recover faster. My son was born with a CHD and it was complex as well. It took a few weeks for them to figure out what to do, but when they did everything worked out. I knew all along that God picked me to be his mom becasue he knew I could do the job. I have four kids, with Collin as my youngest. We call him Superman. God has a plan for us all, but Evan’s plan is greater and more rewarding than most. Continue to keep your faith, it is the best you thing you can rely on right now. You will be at peace the day of his surgery because you know he will be in God’s hands throughout and the doctors will fix his heart. I have come to realize that Collin is a “lucky one” becasue, like Evan, there is something they can do for him.

    Hang in there and stay tough. You will get through this. My family will be saying prayers for Evan and your family. Take care!