My early bird….Happy 1 week brithday!

So much for my countdown!

Isabelle Grace – Izzy – was born June 19, 2009 at 5:28 PM.

It is a day I will remember forever.

It’s a story I’ll never get tired of sharing.

It’s a moment that surpassed every expectation I could have ever imagined.

Here it is…how mine and Craig’s life changed in a moment…
**due the graphic nature of this post – parental discretion is advised**

“Crap.” I thought to myself. “I knew I should have been doing those Kegel exercises. I think I just peed my pants.” I looked at the clock – 2:58 AM.

To the restroom it is…wait…I don’t have to use the restroom.

“Uh oh – could my water just have broken?” my next thought. My heart was racing – ok time to calm down.

I start to laugh.

**Three hours earlier**
I’m sitting in bed worried that maybe the date for the induction – June 22 – was too soon for my dear daughter. Craig and I talked about calling the doctor that afternoon and asking if we can wait until my actual due date on June 28. Of course – I lay in bed and worry. So – I do what I normally do – I prayed.
“God – I know I worry a lot. But, I just want to make sure that Iz is ready to be here. If You think she’s ready – then you’ll give me a sign that her arrival sooner than June 28th is ok. If You give me a sign – I won’t call my doctor to change my induction date.”

**3:02 AM on June 19th**
I do the tricks to figure out if this is the real deal – if my water broke.
Yup – I think this is it. Guess God thought I needed a BIG sign!

“Honey – wake up. I think my water broke. We need to go. “
Craig, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah – I’m gonna shower – you get everything ready.”

**3:38 AM** We head to the hospital…

**4:00 AM – Get checked into the hospital. Hmm…they couldn’t confirm that it was actually amniotic fluid. They decide to have me hang out and see if I get a “gush”. They won’t admit me until they are for sure this is IT!”

The nurse tells me she’ll recheck for fluid at 5:15AM.

**5:10 AM – I feel the gush. Checked – yup – it’s it. I’m 1.5 cm dilated…. GRRREEEAT!!!
Uh oh – looks like Iz was in stress. There was meconium in the amniotic fluid..time to get things going…

**5:45 AM – Get admitted and moved to a labor room. Pitocin is started…here we go…”

**8:00 AM – I was dilated at 1.5 cm upon arrival. My doctor came into the hospital and said his goal was for me to be at 5 cm by 12 pm. I told him I liked goals…if he wanted me to be dilated further – tell me and I’ll do it. He just laughs and says he’ll be back in few hours to see how I progressed. Get kissed by Angels aka get the epidural.

**1:00 PM – Dilated at 6 cm. Told the doc I could do it 🙂 They up my pitocin and the contractions start to get quicker and faster. Iz is trying so hard to move her way down and she’s at station 0.

**2:00 PMish – Dilated to 9.5 cm. I do a few practice pushes but have a hard time feeling the urge. Doc decides to dial back epidural so I get the urge. YUP – that did it….I felt like I needed to push and we did. It was the most exhausting, most work, most anything I’d ever had to do. Iz was at station +1. We think we could do this! Come on Iz!!!

**2.5 exhausted hours later…through tears, through pushes, through yells, through fears….the doc tells me that she hasn’t made any progress down and he’s concerned about her fitting through my pelvis and getting me and her through this safely. He breaks it to me and breaks my heart…I’ll have to have the c-section.
Craig, “It’s ok – it’s ok. You did great. You worked so hard. She’ll be here soon now. **

Here’s the kicker, blog readers. The dialing back of the epidural did its job – I felt the urge to push with some but not a lot of pain. Now that I had been through over 2 hours of labor – the epidural had worn off almost completely….and my anethesiologist was in another surgery…so I was dealing with each contraction – NATURALLY – NO meds! HOLY sh!t – this hurt. I couldn’t push because of Iz position so I had the urge to push, the pain of the contractions and could do nothing until my c-section. I cried, I yelled, I thought I was going to die, I really thought that I was getting punished by God…yes – it was THAT bad.

**5 PM – Angel aka anesthesiologist comes in and give me a strong epidural for the the c-section. Craig gets prepped, I get prepped…28 minutes later…

Isabelle Grace is born! 5:28 PM on June 19, 2009…the day we’ll remember forever.

“Is she ok?” “How are her APGAR scores?” “Who does she look like??”

Through tears, through fears, through pain, through prayer…she came and our family of two finally became a family of three (plus 2 fur babies!).

Love, love, love!

I didn’t think I could love Craig more…I was totally wrong!

“We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him.”
I Samuel 1:27


  1. She's so precious! I loved hearing your labor story. Isn't it amazing how you rememeber every little detail and what time it was? You'll never forget any of it. 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! You finally did it and she's here! Isn't the love for her and Craig so much more than you ever could have imagined?? I can't wait to meet her. Maybe I'll come by with the girls sometime next week if it's okay with you. By the way…you should be a writer 🙂 Your blogs are so well-written!

  3. I'm glad I finally heard the story! Can't wait to see ya'll! Love you!

  4. Czarina, You are such an amazing woman of God. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. I know that God giving you Izzy was wonderful and terrifying at the same time and I just want you to know how proud I am of you. For your strength, endurance and most of all for knowing exactly Who to turn to when the going gets tough. God is good and your little blessing just proves it. Congratulations, my friend. I love you!

  5. I was pretty sure by the pictures on Facebook that you had a c-section. But then Izzy's head was still cone-ish, so I thought "maybe they have all the dad's put those robes on!"
    Sooo glad she's here! Glad you're here too! Although I've never experienced a csection, or having them tell me that– I know the emotions and everything. You did what you had to do to get her here. Don't let anyone tell you differently!
    Love that you called your anesthesiologist an angel. I'll have to tell Rob that.

  6. Justin and April says:

    Wow, so much detail! And they say you don't remember a thing after child birth. I remembered everything too. Yeah, the contractions hurt sooo bad. Makes me wonder why women have more than one baby, but when you see your baby, you know why. They're beautiful, precious, amazing, perfect, and worth it all! Congrats Craig and Czarina. She's all that and more. Welcome to the fourth trimester.