My kids rock

Evan smiled at me – a real smile that was meant for just me.

He was moved to the regular floor and out of ICU.  He is progressing in recovery as well as can be expected after having heart surgery almost 2 weeks ago.

I saw Iz today and got a kiss and hug from my best girl – we also ran from dragons, rapped (yes…rapped) “Apple Bottom Jeans”, giggled uncontrollably over absolutely nothing.

She can now visit me and brudder in the hospital and is coping well with all the changes of me being gone.

My son is teaching me to cherish life.

My daughter is teaching me how to live it.




  1. what a wonderful blessing for him to be doing so well! I’m sure she’s so excited to have both of you within her reach now! 🙂 congratulations! and a big boy bed is such a blessing to see!

  2. Aloha and Hello! I just found you via the Amazon deal for your bakery. That lead me to your site…that lead to your blog. Kumusta ka po? I am touched by your story. Congratulations on your newest pamilya addition. It’s good to hear that he’s doing well. We ourselves have had a baby in the NICU and know the strength it takes to get through each day, hoping all goes well, and just waiting to take him home. My prayers are with you and your family.

    I’ve been looking for a local place for Filipino food, and I’m ecstatic to have found you. Unfortunately, we’ve been eating mostly organic food since the birth of my 3rd child last year, so it’s very difficult for us to just go into any restaurant and “indulge.” But every so often, we slip up and do, esp. when it comes to dessert and bubble tea! 😀 I just got off the phone with my husband (he’s American), and I told him about your restaurant. He’s not as big of a stickler for the organic food as I am, and he loves Filipino food. So he was all for going to eat at Zen soon. I’m going to purchase the Amazon deal, though, and hopefully take my kids there tomorrow or Saturday. I hope to meet you and your sister! I’m always in awe of family-run businesses. My husband and I hope to one day do the same (graphic/web design for himself and a small boutique offering all-natural/organic/SAHM-businesses products for myself). Thank you for your inspirational story, personal and business! Ingat ka po! Mahalo nui loa…maraming salamat po…thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy comment.

  3. No doubt, cherish life. I’d be an entirely different mommy if Henry didn’t have a heart defect. I don’t think I’d be bad, but I don’t think I’d marvel at him quite the same way. Enjoy the smiles, they are awesome.