My Milk shake brings all the boys to the yard….

I think that song is about boobs, right???





and in my case…ant hills {sigh….so sad}

Whatever you want to call them – this is the month to pay extra attention to your ladies.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Every single person in this world is affected by this.

If you’re a woman – you got a pair.

If you’re a man – you’ve got a pair, too.

Breast cancer affects men and women, people!

As a new mother, my breasts mean so much more to me. They are the lifeline for Isabelle. They literally keep her alive. They are nourishment when she’s hungry and comfort when she’s upset.

As a wife, they played an important role in the conception of Iz (wink, wink…). And my boobies are still fun every now and then 🙂

As a daughter, my first hours of life I used my basic instincts to suck on my mother’s breasts and I learned her smell, her touch, her love.

As a sister, an aunt, a friend, a woman – breast cancer affects me and all those around me.

My aunt died of breast cancer when I still very young. But, no matter how long ago a death is, missing a loved one feels fresh everyday.

So, as we welcome in a new season, take this time to remind yourself how important taking care of yourself is! As women (especially mothers), we neglect ourselves and put others before us. Self breast exams monthly and mammograms if once you’re 35 years old yearly – is a way to put you first and reassure yourself and loved ones that you’re doing whatever it takes to detect breast cancer.

Breast cancer is detectable and treatable!

If you are a member of Stroller Strides in Arlington/Hurst/Mansfield – I’ll be handing out pink ribbons in honor of this special month on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’re in the area and never gone to Stroller Strides and want to try it – post a comment and come find me next week – and get your pink ribbon!

We can fight this battle together!


  1. Lisa Parsons says:

    I think it's great that you are doing this. Brad's Mom passed away a few months ago from breast cancer so I will wear a ribbon!