Not just about me

I’ve asked, pleaded, begged…over and over again for prayers for Baby.  I have no doubt that the Heavens hear us.  I have no doubt God is preparing him for the long road ahead, preparing his surgeons, preparing his doctors, preparing Craig and I, preparing Iz for the separation…

Saying thanks doesn’t feel like enough – but it’s what I can offer.

I do ask for your continued prayers – and in the next few days – I hope to have my blog re-structured so you don’t have to deal with all my psycho babble if you are just an Angel on Earth looking to pray for us – to have a page dedicated solely to the Hounsel’s prayer requests.

But today, though, I ask for prayers for my a few of my fellow Heart Mama’s and their little Heart Warriors…

– for Mykenzie – a newborn Heart Warrior who is 5 days old who is about to have her first open heart surgery today – actually currently in surgery – pray for her surgeons as they work on her for over 10 hours

– for Rowan and Katie – a 2 day old Heart Warrior (Rowan) and her Mama Katie – as she learns to learn to adjust to breathing on her own and her little heart adjusts to working on her own, for her surgery in the next 2 days, and for her Mama Katie – who has to leave her today in NICU for the first time

– for Sebastian – a Heart Warrior that is fighting for his life and the doctor’s say a transplant is his only option…let’s prove the doctor’s wrong and show them how great our God can be.

– for Logan, for Claire, for Mason, for Zeke…for so many, many many more little Warriors that are battling, have battled and are “healthy”

– for the Warriors that have earned their Wings and who’s hearts are finally whole in Heaven – for their families who grieve their loss as they approach a Christmas season without their little ones.



  1. Czarina,
    You, Craig, Iz and Baby H are in my constant thoughts and prayers. I have forwarded your blog on to countless others and I know that the heavens truly are flooded with prayers for your family. I pray for strength for you and Craig for tomorrow.


  2. Thank you!!!!