One of those days

Poor baby….poor Mommy…

We celebrated Isabelle’s 1 month birthday with lots of tears, tons of fussiness, and lots of screaming.

Breastfeeding is a really sweet time between mother and child….unless of course mother eats something that child really doesn’t agree with.

Izzy’s bitty belly doesn’t like: any kind of bean, ice cream, caffeine of any kind (so chocolate must be kept to a minimum if any at all), edamame, and lastly nuts.

Nuts are the latest culprit and have turned my sweet Angel into a howling, crying, grumpy baby. Her lower lip pouts, she turns red, her face scrunches, and then she emits a sound that could rival any siren.

We had a rough night and even a harder day. She is finally asleep – which means that she’ll probably be up tonight….well – it IS her one month birthday…maybe she thought we’d party it up all night anyways.

Fun things she’s doing now that she’s a month:
– poops when I change her diaper – like WHILE I’m changing it and it gets everywhere

– turns to hear mine or Craig’s voice – and it’s sweet when she does!

– smiles at me or Craig

– some head control – she’s not as floppy!

– is just pretty great

She has already outgrown her newborn onesies and little tees. I can’t believe my baby girl is a month old! It’s been a very challenging, exciting, exhausting, amazing month.

Happy 1 month birthday, Izzy!

Big girl!!

Daddy and Izzy – her onesie says “I can’t wear pink everyday!”

It’s hard work being a baby

Cutie pie in her birthday best!


  1. Cody and Adeline says:

    Happy one month birthday Izzy!

  2. Whose nipple is that?? LOL.