Body Back.

It’s about exercise.

And diet.

Exercise part I have down. Sorta.

The diet part I did really well with the first week.

You could say I “fell off the wagon” this week.

I can’t lie because when I blog on Tuesday after weigh in there is a great – almost 100% chance I gained back the 2 lbs I lost.

Because I ate:

1 – Sushi rolls, special fried rice and tofu stir-fry – at MIDNIGHT on Thursday.

2 – Fuzzy’s salad…with chips and queso… on Friday

3 – Enough shower food – oh how I love shower food – to celebrate the birth of 10 babies, 6 brides and an engagement or 2 – quiche, cheese, chips with dip, cake, mimosa(s), candy, quiche, quiche, quiche

4 – Game day food – wings (baked but still wings) with carrots and hummus (those were to shake off the guilt)

5 – Today – a plate of Filipino food – rice, chicken and a vege omelet – but the plate was the size of a hub cap

I love food.

Too much…