Out of my comfort zone

I did something I never would have done a year ago.

I went out with a group of women – most of whom I had never met.

I am a social butterfly – normally 😉 But, I feel most comfortable around my people – the friends I’ve made over the years – who know me inside and out.

But, when Craig and I decided to move across town – that meant moving away from my friends.

I thought for sure I’d make the drive to see them at least once a week – but you add a new baby in the mix – and those mini road trips are few and far between.

I found myself growing anxious and lonely in my little house with my little one. I knew I needed to get out there again – make new friends.

I dreaded it. I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor and I was positive anyone I met would be put off by it or I would offend someone with a comment. I was sure that I’d walk into a group of women who didn’t want an outsider coming into their group. I was sure the stay at home moms I would meet would be driving their SUVs and wearing their pearls with their babies dressed in kiddie couture – and would look down at me with my hair that hadn’t been washed in days and baby dressed in hand-me-down onesies – so what if her onesie says “Born in 1997.”

Man I was wrong!

I joined Stroller Strides and found myself joining Luna Moms – the mom’s group attached to it. I knew I needed to make friends and I knew that my odds were good that maybe one mom out of the 148 fit moms would befriend me

I became a chatter box – trying to see who would be my friend. I was nervous – like the first day of school. Much to my delight – everyone was so nice. Everyone so understanding as I walked up looking tired from a sleepless night. Everyone so encouraging as they shared their mom advice with a novice like me. Everyone so down to earth and real.

Then the clouds parted and God created the perfect moment for me….the Britney Spears concert. I had become friends with Lisa – since our common bond was Tech (Get ur Guns Up!). She mentioned she was going to the concert with a few other moms. Inside – I was boiling with jealousy. If only I had met these women a few months earlier…then I would be going to see Brit!
But, the pop music Gods were on my side…I get a text from Lisa the day before the concert and asks I want to to since there was an extra ticket.


Heck yeah I did! So I said yes….

Ugh – I was nervous again. I didn’t think this through – a concert and dinner with a group of women and only 1 of which I had just recently become friends with. What if they didn’t get my love for Brit? What if they thought my infatuation with her was borderline stalkerish?

But – I was wrong again! It was a great night and it felt like old friends. We talked about our past lives – pre-baby. We shared stories of throwing up….our moments…not our kids. We shared trays of sushi and would reach over and eat off each other’s plates. We ran in heels in the AAC as we tried to make it to our seats. We sang to Britney. We watched and made fun of girls who had had waaaay to much to drink.

We started to become friends.

I know it’s too soon to ask these women to come over, stand in a circle around a candle, and shout “Ya Ya!” – but I think I’m starting to find “my people” on my side of town. It feels pretty great!


  1. I'm glad u had so much fun!!!! I want to hang out with yall next time!!!

  2. YEAH !! I'm so happy for you Czarina 🙂

  3. Lisa Parsons says:

    Ha! I don't even own any pearls! We are so glad you both joined SS! I had a blast the other night! Did you watch the Tech game? I thought we looked good even though we lost. Can't wait for next weekends game!!!