Maybe it’s because so many are praying for me and Evan – but the past couple of days have been good to my soul. Not so many tears as before…

Evan is progressing slowly.

And although we’ve been here for 30 days..he’s progressing in the right direction.

I’d rather him climb slowly uphill…then have him tumble, quickly downhill.

He makes me laugh and smile everyday – and I’m the one that is supposed to making him feel better.

I look back at pictures of Isabelle’s first few months and realize I’m getting the same memories with my Evan – first smiles, first baths, singing songs, late night talks, and one on one dances.  My memories just happen to be in a hospital instead of at home.

His little heart still isn’t fully repaired and we still have months until his open heart surgery.  But, he’s still here, and that’s what matters most.

His sweet face still isn’t repaired as well and probably won’t be until after his heart is mended.  But, he can smile so bright and so big that it melts the hearts of everyone who sees him.

His perfect little body is marred with scars from surgeries, bruised from I.V. lines, and dotted with scabs from needle sticks and pokes.  But, his scars are just a small reflection of His scars.

And yet again I’m reminded…what a great and wonderful gift from God he is.




  1. Perspective is exactly right. Your memories may have a different location, but they are just as amazing. Prayers for a quiet weekend for all of you.