POEM: Happy 31st birthday Craig!

Today – Feb 26, 1978
Something amazing happened, something great.

Craig Robert was born – my lovely hubby.
I love the way he loves me – even when I’m chubby.

To celebrate this special day – I’ll give HIM a sweet kiss.
But for you blog readers – here’s my 31 things I love about him – LIST!

1. I fell for Craig in high school – I knew he was the one.
2. He may seem quiet to those who don’t know him – but man he is FUN!

3. He loves rock music – like hard metal music – that’s scary and loud.
4. It may take him 3 hours to put something together – but when he’s done – he is PROUD!

5. He treats our dogs like children and EVERYDAY they get walks.
6. He doesn’t laugh when I read about wizards, vampires, or Brit-chicks – not one little mock.

7. He kisses my belly and tells Baby girl that he loves her.
8. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t say he loves me and for him there is no other.

9. He loves to travel but is like me and loves coming home too.
10. On his last birthday, he crashed us on a motorbike, and left me black and blue.

11. He’s 6′ 3″, athletically built, but can eat whatever he likes.
12. He’d rather walk on the treadmill, play hoops, or lift weights – not really into the bike.

13. He knows exactly when I am frustrated and need a hug.
14. He’s not scared of a lot of things – but he’s terrified of spiders and bugs.

15. He is SO patient with me and really goes with the flow.
16. A few of his past jobs – waiter, cashier, life guard, yard man (yup – those lawns he did mow!)

17. He could eat Mexican food every single day of the year.
18. Miller light, Dos Equis Green, Shiner Bock – a few of his favorite beers.

19. He knows so much about history – especially World War I and II.
20. He also loves the Aztec culture, American history, just to name a few.

21. He watches Robotech and The Terminator – fascinated by robots taking over the world.
22. But he knows that when a chick flick comes out – he better be ready to take his girl!

23. His best friends are from high school – and he’s as loyal a friend as they come.
24. Many nights with his friends are spent reminiscing about the past and all their fun.

25. He’s traveled and studied in Mexico and Spain.
26. I think he resembles Chris Daughtry – and he could be his body double – to earn him fame.

27. He accepted Christ and was baptized in Feb. 2005.
28. He has said on that day – is when he really felt alive.

29. He reads the Bible every morning and again before bed.
30. He’s read the Bible cover to cover 3 times – WOW – enough said!!

31. He’s the love of my life, a better man than I deserve – my present, future and past!

***Happy Birthday, Craig – I hope today was a blast!!!****


  1. So cute! I love all your poems!

    Happy Birthday Ted!!