I say this a lot.

“Really? I mean, REALLY?”

There are moments of my day and life that I have to stop and truly ask myself “REALLY – is this happening to me?”

Like when I was using the restroom (sorry – TMI) and Iz came barreling into the my “personal space,” took took off the toilet paper roll and ran out. Which would have been fine if that wasn’t the last roll in the house…or within my grasp.


Or when I find myself chasing after the my little Houdini who someone escaped a diaper change and is running in her birthday suit all over the house. I stop, look at the little naked creature, sigh and think “Oh, she’s so stinkin’ cute….” but then she stops, her face turns an all familiar shade of red, the brow furrows, and the all familiar “push” is happening…and it’s happening all over the floor…


Or when I’m in the grocery store with my purse for a quick stop since the little screamer is extra fussy but we need food. Last time I checked people need to eat. So, I’m on a mission to get my shopping done in 10 minutes. But, the little screamer decides she can’t sit in the cart for 5 seconds before throwing a tantrum so I do what every good/bad mother does…I open a bag of unpaid for snacks and let her go to town while I shop…I figure it’ll get paid for when I pay at the register. 15 minutes later, cart full of groceries, some illegally opened and already consumed…I go to check out and realize my wallet is not in the diaper bag but in my purse…at home.



Really 🙂

Gotta love it!


  1. Too funny ! I laughed at all 3 of them! Even funnier because it all happened to me too 😉 LOL !
    Gotta love it !! Gotta say though that you're a pretty awesome mom 😉

  2. etphonehome21 says:

    That first one is hilarious!!!!

  3. Owen King Coleman says:

    Wow…I hope that was not all in the same day. MUAH!