Safe and sound

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You know when you have one of those days, the kind at the end of it, you just stop and smile and can’t help but think, “Man – now that was a great day.”

And you just want to store that memory in your mind and keep it safe and sound for all the days of your life. And you want to keep that memory as shiny and fresh as possible so you can play it back in your mind over and over and over again.

Because that day was just THAT good?

I’ve had lots of “safe and sound” days lately.

What a blessing, huh?

Last weekend, the hubs and I took Iz to the zoo for the first time. I had never been to the Ft. Worth Zoo so I – er – I mean Iz – was really excited 😉

This was also the first “toddler” outing besides going to restaurant and eating at lightening fast pace or a day running errands.

It was a day truly for her.

It was great. She loved the animals. I loved seeing her get excited about the lions, and tigers and bears…oh my.

The only animal she really knows and recognizes very well is a monkey. But, in toddler speak…it comes out “Muh-ney or mom-mey.” So, every animal she saw to her turned into a “Mom-mey.”

So, even when she was excitedly pointing to the elephants and the rhinos and the big, fat apes…it would come out as “Mom-mey!”

Way to give a Mommy a complex 😉

It was a gorgeous afternoon. Complete with cool temps in the 70s, sunshine, and no tantrums.

So much excitement on this little face! Love her!!

Then we had a birthday party for my niece the next day. And when you drive up to a house and see a giant, blue whale masquerading as an awesome bounce house – you know on the spot it’s going to be fun. Super, duper fun.

We ended the birthday party with a family supper outside – with a bottle of wine and the absence of whine. So great.

Fast forward a few days and enter in a day that is filled with corn dogs, lemonade, petting zoo, and Big Tex.

And that was our Friday.

A Friday at the Texas State Fair is like a corn dog. The thought of it is kind of gross (I mean come on…chicken fried bacon and fried beer) but you know you’re going to love it because it’s a rite of passage as a Texan.

And yes…corn dogs are rites of passage. Don’t mess with the sacredness of a hot dog, dipped in corn meal batter and fried.

But, we had to make sure Iz experienced the fair since she is a Texan. She was most interested in running around and making us have heart attacks as she wandered and ran in the crowd. But she loved the fountains, laughed at the dog show and had a close encounter with creatures of the wild at the petting zoo.

We ended our day with a corn dog and lemonade. It was absolutely necessary. Actually, there’s a law that states you have to eat at least one fried item at the Texas State Fair. Really – it’s article 03483098398320.90493

Then, I had some fun without Iz. The hubs and I donned our Red and Black and left the kid with my aunt (God bless her for watching Iz for 9 hours….) to go the Tech game in Dallas with my family and friends….at the Texas State Fair! Woo hoo! The fair for a second time…in less than 24 hours.

We tailgated with mimosas, Madelines, croissants, donuts, muffins, bagels, Blue Moons, bagels, and pumpkin flavored beer.

Wow…what a long way from the college days of tailgates (Lone Star beer and Altoids – you know- to cover up the beer smell).

I got to hang with my “mom” friends who are Red Raiders and one who we are brainwashing into loving Tech as much as us! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and cherish that friendship with these women. Really – when you can transition away from the kids and have a normal, fun, easy going, sincere, real and genuine good time – you have to be thankful for that. Because those kind of friendships are keepers.

After the longest game in the history of games, lots of yelling, sunburns, more corndogs, and a Fried Frito Pie (remember the Texas Law about eating a fried food at the fair….so it was kind of out of my hands…) I had another day and more memories to keep “safe and sound.”

I know right? Pretty great couple of weeks.





  1. Lisa Parsons says:

    We had a great time at the game too! Great friends , Tech football and fried food…it doesn't get better! I love Iz's face in the zoo pics! Wonderful memories you are making with her! Do you think we will ever be brave enough to go to a game with our kids 😉

  2. Those kind of days are worth their weight in gold.. and Alana & I went to the Fort Worth Zoo- it was awesome :-). Great pictures!