She Made Me

Sometimes I look at her and can’t believe I made her.
That through love – this little human being was formed and made.

I carried her, shared heart beats, we were one for 9 months.
And then I finally heard her, saw her, held her.

It was at that moment – I realized…she made me.

She made me into a mother.

She gave me the title – without me having to earn it.

She gave me the responsibilities to nourish her mind, body and soul.

She caused my heart to grow to the ends of eternity.

She gives me laughter.

She gives me heartache.

She trusts me without asking me having to earn it.

She challenges me.

She made me grow up.

She makes me feel young.

She makes me feel vulnerable.

She makes me want to be a better me.

She made me.

Happy Mother’s Day!